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How About a Little History?

George RanchWhen we were recently in Houston, we visited the George Ranch. You probably are only aware of the George Ranch if you are an elementary aged child living in the suburbs of Houston. Yep, it’s a mandatory class-trip destination!

A few years ago, my family took us there and I loved it!!!!

It’s a living history museum that tracks four generations of one family over one hundred years of Texas history.

In other words, amazing.

There are four houses (each representing a different era) you can tour.


george ranch
Leah was still liking everything, at this point!

The first is the 1830’s Jones Stock Farm.


The first time we visited, the people working there were so in character and told fantastic stories. They made me understand how it was to live in the 1830’s (needless to say, appreciate living now).

Unfortunately, when we went back, things were a little more run-down and the characters were not as good at telling stories (in that, they didn’t tell any stories).

george ranch
The garden was overgrown (a bit)…


Next, we moved to the 1860’s Ryon Prairie Home.

This one wasn’t there on our first visit so I can’t compare. The character at this house was much better telling us stories but the house seemed run-down too.

george ranch
The house is in the back left of the picture…


Then onto the 1890’s Davis Mansion.

During our last visit this was my least favorite but on this visit it was my favorite. The stories they told us were quite good this time.


The last house on the tour is the 1930’s George Ranch Complex.

This was a cool place the first time around. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it on this trip. Leah (my four year-old) was not enjoying the house tours. I can’t imagine why. We decided it was best to cut our day short.

They also have Cattle-Working Demonstrations, which we didn’t see either visit and a Working Blacksmith Shop, which I thought was better during our first visit.

So, here’s the breakdown:

  • If you like history go and visit George Ranch but do it soon before it gets any more run-down.
  • If you have a child under six, skip it.
  • If they are older than six, drag them to it.

It’s worth seeing all that history and appreciating how easy life is today with all the amenities we take for granted.

george ranch
With a picture like this, it was worth it all!


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