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Happy Summer – Kids Craft

Around March, Leah came home with this idea to make bags of goodies, that she made, into her classmates at school. She spent most of her afternoon working on this project and went right back to it after dinner.

summer kids craftsShe was frustrated when it was getting close to bedtime because she was nowhere near finished. She started to find “stuff” from her own “toy” collection. Everything is in quotes because she is somewhat of a hoarder so she has lots of little scraps of toys, papers, etc. she refuses to get rid of.

Now, as much as I would have liked to get rid of all those bits of “junk” because I am the EXACT opposite of a hoarder, I did not really want her giving that to her friends at school.

After much debate, I finally convinced her to abandon this project and promised we would work on making super, awesome bags with real crafts that she made and we’d give the bags to her friends at the end of the year.

Great plan, right? I mean, we’d make something super, awesome with four months of lead time. Right?

Wrong. We did do quite a bit of work but as the last weeks of school approached, we needed more time. Time we did not have.

So we did what we could.

Here’s our result:

summer kids crafts

These are pasta necklaces.
We colored the pasta using vinegar and food dye.
Not recommended! The procedure dries out the pasta until it crumbles. As you can see even in the picture they were falling off the yarn. I bet the when the kids opened them, they found an empty piece of yarn and a bunch of pasta pieces!


summer kids crafts

These are painted popsicle sticks glued into frame shapes. Leah colored a picture for each kid and we glued it on the back. Time-consuming but recommended!


summer kids crafts

I wrote the names on each bag and Leah colored each one.
Again, time-consuming but recommended.


summer kids crafts

We punched holes in the top of the bags and tied with yarn. Originally, we had about five crafts to make for the bags. Since we only ended up with two, we decided to add some treats (peanut free)!


summer kids crafts

They looked adorable. I’m not quite sure what her friends
thought besides loving the treats.


All in all, it was a great project to work on together with Leah.
She was happy!


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