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rectangleAt the beginning of the year, I decided enough was enough. I was gaining too much weight and didn’t feel well.

My body type is straight. I have NO waist. When you look at me from any angle, I look like a rectangle. No waist, no boobs, no ass, and no curves. The bad news is…

I never looks super thin, the good news is I never look super heavy. I can lose or gain 10-15 pounds without much difference. During my first and second pregnancies, I took forever to show. It was so frustrating because I knew people thought I was just gaining weight….for no reason.

Anyway, for the last few years, I told myself, hey, I’m older I can do what I want. If I want to eat and enjoy myself, I will. And, I got away with it (for the most part) from a physical look perspective. I didn’t look fabulous, but I didn’t look horrid either.

Unfortunately, my health was not able to do the same. I was addicted to Diet Coke and every time after I drank it, my stomach hurt.

I felt a lot of pain in my joints especially when I woke up. It would take me of few minutes of hobbling around before I was able to actually walk. Or if I was sitting on the couch for a bit and I’d get up, my leg would cramp up or be complete pins and needles.

Also, on a regular basis my stomach hurt at night. I’d go to bed and feel badly. There’d be times when I’d wake up in the middle of the night with severe lower back pain…I called it kidney pain but I actually went to the doctor and he said it wasn’t my kidneys but didn’t know what it was. I don’t believe him. It happened if I ate anything too rich and fatty, like my kidneys couldn’t process that much fat.

There’s one more thing. This may be TMI but I’m telling you anyway because hey, we are close and I wish someone had talked about these same symptoms so I would know I wasn’t alone. So here it is…my periods were unbearable.

They would be heavy and last almost a full week. I’d have terrible cramps and be almost knocked out tired for the first day or two.

When January started, I thought I can’t do this anymore, I need something to change. I had already gotten off the DC train and felt better. I was also proud that I kicked a tough habit.

It wasn’t enough though. I started to investigate changing my diet. Although my husband didn’t have any of these symptoms, he wasn’t feeling great and he wanted to lose weight too.

paleoI did a little research and found the Paleo diet which I thought might work for us. You can find more about Paleo here and here and here and probably a whole bunch more places on the Internet. In a nutshell, you can have meat, fruits and veggies. You are not allowed to have grains, legumes, dairy, sugar or any processed foods.

We’ve had amazing success. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds. My husband has lost 15 pounds. That’s great but even better, we both feel fantastic.

For me, I no longer have stomach aches, my joints do not hurt at all in the morning, I can get off the couch without issue and my period is so much better. It only lasts for three (maybe four days). I have minimal cramping and am not as wiped out as I was. I have gotten my “kidney pain” once but only after a binge night of pizza and wings.

Here’s what you should know:

  • we are not fanatics about this
  • we still occasionally have sugar
  • we still have alcohol
  • we still have grains once in a while


It’s easy and here’s why:

  • what you can and can’t have is clear
  • you don’t have to count anything (calories, points, grams, etc)
  • feeling better happens fast (for us)
  • improving the way you feel makes it easy to stick to


We are also working on exercising more. My husband is much better at this than I am but I’m working on it. We are also trying to do more things that are not food focused. When we go out with friends, we try to find activities instead of just eating.

We went rock climbing…lots of fun. I mean, I’m not going bouldering any time soon but it was a great night. We also went bowling. Not a high-calorie burning activity but we were moving and laughing. It was a good time.

Check out those three strikes by my name! DON'T look at the rest of the scores.
Check out those three strikes by my name! DON’T look at the rest of the scores.

It’s May now. So far, so good. I still look like a rectangle but I feel like a star!


What diets have you tried that have helped improved your health?

What date night or couples activities do you do…I need more ideas!


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