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Gambling Between Friends

slots_01It’s Girl’s Weekend, time to get your gamble on…just kidding, I hate gambling but what I do like is hanging out with my girlfriends.

The thing with a girl’s trip is…it can happen anywhere, in my book. It can be a cool beach destination or a city escape or even a visit to place based on Monopoly (although with so many different types of Monopoly games out now, I could be referring to anywhere in the world!) .

For this trip, we picked Atlantic City at The Borgota Hotel. This hotel is…

beautiful. My favorite part is the glass sculptures. Check this out:


All done by Dale Chihuly. Here’s an inside look at how it’s done…super cool!

The Borgota also offers some great restaurants. We ate at Bobby Flay Steak. I really enjoyed it. Of course, it is expensive but worth the splurge.

We also did the buffet, which is a “thing” in AC. I was pleasantly surprised. They had a lot of options, which tasted good!

We also relaxed by the indoor pool and hot tub. The pool/spa area is a big, open area with huge windows. So much natural light give it a great outdoor feeling. The fake plants could use a make-over though.

I did lose my obligatory $20 in a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I just wanted to spin the big wheel but alas…no! My friends gambled more but no big winners. We did discuss pooling our money and trying craps but we chickened out or in other words, we discussed it prior to having our fourth drink!

Here’s what I love about a Girl’s Trip:

1. You can do what you want.
There’s no pressure from your girls to create fun for them. There’s no whining when you decide to go for a walk or have to wait until 10p for a dinner reservation.

2. It’s relaxing.
Hanging out by a pool without worrying about someone falling in is such a relief.

Texted to me during my trip! Adorable!

3. It good to miss your husband and kids.
Spending a day or two away reminds you how much you love them.

4. It’s good for your husband and kids to miss you.
Nobody does things the same as you and it’s nice for them to realize that! And oh, those hugs when you come home – priceless.

5. It’s nice to talk with someone who gets it and you.
These are your friends, you have a lot in common. Sharing, discussing, ranting, commiserating, and laughing is what friendship is all about…especially when no tiny person is interrupting.

What happened before girl’s trips? I don’t know and can only imagine it wasn’t fun. Thank goodness I live in a time with indoor plumbing and girl’s trips!





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