Aging Expectations

Fun In Michigan

michiganRecently, we took a trip to Michigan.

Why would we go to Michigan?

Maybe it was to…


Check out Torch Lake
(the most beautiful lake I’ve seen…and I really don’t like lakes)

Visit the Henry Ford Museum
(great idea! haven’t done this yet)

Go to Kalamazoo
(best city name, e-ver…and the Air Zoo is pretty good too)

See the largest Tulip Festival in the US
(that’s true)

Hear a graduation speech by Tim Busfield
(nice job, lots of good interview advice)

Eat at Maize and Blue Deli

Enjoy a Lansing Lugnuts Game
(on “all-you-can-eat” night…hhhmmm)

Try dinner at Mitchell’s Fish Market
(lovely meal)


Well, it could have been for any of those reasons but…


The main reason we went was to see my wonderful niece graduate from college!



Congratulations, Michelle!



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