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Food For Thought

Recently, I’ve changed my eating habits entirely. I started the Paleo Diet and have enjoyed great success. It’s only meats, veggies, and fruit. Like I said, I’m not fanatical about it but I try to do my best.

I don’t like to think of this as a diet but as a change in the way I live. It’s not something I’m going to do for a certain number of months or until I get to a certain weight. It’s something I’m going to do until I don’t feel good doing it.

There are a few things I’ve gathered from this change:

1. The amount of processed food I used to eat and I see others eat is astonishing. It’s everywhere and almost impossible not to eat. I went to jury duty the other day and there was no breakfast or lunch option that didn’t involve bread or cake. Also abundant, the amount of chips and candy.

2. The way I celebrate any accomplishment (mine or others) is with food.
Birthday – out to dinner. Kids good grades – out to lunch. Beginning of summer – ice cream party. Sunny day – let’s eat. Creating associations of good things with eating is tough to overcome. I’m trying though. I’m working on establishing fun events and proud moments with activity instead of only filling my face.

3. My kids are worse than me.
My kids love snacks. They eat healthy things but they also eat a lot of processed snacks. It’s just easier in every way, except in the way of being healthy. I’m working on slowly making this better for them.

With these revelations, I am excited to work with FutureFood 2050.

future food 2050FutureFood 2050, initiated by the Institute of Food Technologists, is offering a new approach. They publish a wide variety of stories about food issues, opportunities, and solutions–all grounded in fact. They interview scientific experts along with a wider community of innovators and citizens from around the globe to provide balanced reporting and bring to light the facts behind the issues.

Check out some of those articles here:

Sowing Seeds for More abundant Rice Crops

Recycling the Leftovers

Link Between Diet Quality and Mental Health

FutureFood 2050 opens my thinking from only myself and my family to the entire world. Everyone is dealing with food issues. I want to do my part too. I want to ensure I eat only my share of healthy food and help others obtain their share.

Want to join me?

Let’s start by checking out some of those articles and signing up for their newsletter at FutureFood 2050.


**This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.



  1. I’m totally guilty of #2! When I was younger, it didn’t matter since I was naturally thin. Now my metabolism isn’t what it used to be, and I have to be more careful. I’ve never tried Paleo and give you a lot of credit- it can’t be easy, but I’m sure it gets easier the longer you do it!

    1. It’s such a go-to! Celebrating with food.

      Actually, I think it might be a little harder. In the beginning I was so hyper-focused, I completely stuck to it. Now, that I have the hang of it, I tend to let bad things creep in. Not good!

      You must check out FutureFood2050…there is some really good stuff that has helped me to move forward my thinking. It seems a lot of stuff out there now is just people talking but they are totally scientific, which is interesting and refreshing.

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