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Flashback: Sugarbush Ski Trip

 The redesign of my site eradicated many of my old posts. In an effort to fix this, I’m reposting one each week. I can relive the memories, make the articles a little better (believe it or not, I’ve improved over time), and bring some old stories to life for you. See, we all win!
The story below is a repost. I hope you enjoy it.

Sweet, Sweet Sugarbush

For this trip, we chose Sugarbush, Vermont.  It’s a short flight from Philadelphia to Burlington and not too far from the airport. The Burlington Airport is great.  It’s small but provides really easy access to the elevators and nice long, wide ramps that make pushing a stroller and luggage carefree.  There are even lots of old-time rocking chairs, which we didn’t use but I imagine would be quite helpful when dealing with small babies and flight delays, more common in snowy destinations.

My husband’s parents came on this trip too. His dad still skis, at 70 years old.  His mom has hung up her skis but since I don’t ski, we figured the girls (my mother-in-law, my six month old daughter and me) could spend some quality time together.  We rented a ski in/ski out condo at Sugarbush Village.  My in-laws arrived a few hours ahead of our flight since we waited for my son to get most of the school day in before departing.

Michael and his dad
Michael and his dad
mom and matt
Matt and Michael’s mom

The next morning, my husband dropped my son off at his ski lesson. My son took half-day lessons so my husband could ski with him in the afternoon.   One of my son’s favorite parts was the hot chocolate they served.  The instructors were great and by the end of the first day he was able to ski a very, very easy blue trail. My husband went out to ski with his dad.  They had a sunny morning with new powder and just the right temperature for a great day.  The skied in and met us girls for lunch at the condo.

Matt and Michael
Matt and Michael

The boys went back out to ski and my mother-in-law and I spent some time reviewing the dinner options.   My mother-in-law is big on reservations, which I’ve learned is a good thing.   There’s nothing like walking into a crowded establishment, giving your name, and walking right to your table.  We made a reservation at a place we thought would appeal to everyone.

At the end of the day, the boys come back and changed.  We made the quick drive to the condo community pool.  The pool was crowded.  The locker room area was not very nice and neither was the pool, it just all seemed a bit dirty to me.

We went to dinner, back to the condo, played a few games, and hit the sack – ready for another early morning.   We awoke to more snow without as much sun but still a great day.


The boys left for their next ski adventure and we stayed back to get everything ready for departure.   My mother-in-law and I had a good time with the baby. I would have liked an excursion we could have done together with the baby.  There wasn’t anything like that at Sugarbush, which is understandable since most everyone is skiing but some non-ski, baby-friendly, warm activity would have been nice.

We packed up the cars and drove up to the mountain to meet the boys for lunch.  I was able to see my son skiing at the end of his lesson.   I was so proud, I can admit it, I cried.  He was a miniature skier out there, it looked awesome.

Matt skiing!
Matt skiing!

After lunch, the boys took a couple more runs and we packed up to head to the airport for our flight home.  Luckily for those staying on the mountain, it was snowing fresh powder by the bucketfuls.  Unluckily for us, we had to drive to the airport in those bucketfuls.  When we arrived at the airport, our flight was delayed.

A couple of notes about the Burlington Airport.   There are not a lot of food choices and what is there closes by six p.m.  The one restaurant is prior to security and the one coffee stand located after security has a limited food selection.

One of the funnier parts of our waiting experience occurred with my mother-in-law and son.  She was extremely worried about the delay as she wanted to get home.  On the other side, my son, was extremely worried about the delay too but he delighted in the thought of us staying and him missing school.  The two of them were completely agitated about the same point but in completely opposite ways.

My mother-in-law has more experience worrying and won this battle. Our flight left three hours late but landed safely.   Our Sugarbush trip ended in sweet success.


Do you remember your first ski adventure?
Where was it?


 Original post date: March 8, 2010

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