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Favorite Destination: The Beach

Welcome to my Guest Post series…My Favorite Family Vacation Destination. I’m so excited to share with you other traveler’s favorite destinations.

Today I’m featuring Travel Lady with Baby! She has lived all of the world and traveled the rest of it 🙂 When she’s not traveling, you can find her on her blog, on Facebook, or Twitter. I’m so glad I’ve connected with her. She’s informative and inspiring! Now, check out her favorite destination.


The Beach

I am not sure why it is, but water and warmth are a huge part of every wonderful family vacation for us. Since I grew up abroad, the only Canadian place that was familiar to me, was our family cottage, and my grandparents’ house in the interior of BC.

travel lady

Yeah, it is pretty cool that our family cottage is a little slice of heaven with a sprinkle of sugar.

My husband and I are very outdoorsy, from hiking to snowshoeing we love being outside. During the summers when we were studying or in saving mode, we camped, went to the cottage or hung out on the beach in Ottawa – yes, there are a few beaches in Ottawa, you can even swim in the Ottawa River! Since snow is not something I am hugely fond of, past Jan. 15th, but must live with, getting away and seeing a beautiful beach is the only way we have managed to find relaxation.

So, it is no shock that the perfect recipe for a vacation is a beach. From our getaways to Mexico during an unbelievably stressful year.

travel lady

travel lady

To hanging out in the BC interior, if you didn’t know, there is a desert in the interior, try the beautiful Summerland Resort an incredible getaway where adults can taste wine, and kids have a pool and the Okanagan to enjoy! We backpacked through Italy and hung out on the Amalfi Coast.

travel lady

To finding an incredible beach in the Hague – who knew that existed, we certainly didn’t. The beach has been the one place we can hang out all day, have a picnic and the little man snoozes, and swims. We have a water baby, so much so, that he asks to swim ALL THE TIME.

The Hague was a wonderful surprise, they build a massive boardwalk with incredible restaurants that are completely kid friendly, and include various play areas right on the beach. Locals spend the majority of their summers soaking up the sun, dinning and letting their children have freedom – just don’t be surprised by the nudity, kids under the age of 7 often swim naked.

travel lady


travel lady

The beach has been the one place that seems to stay constant, now, I have a wonderful excuse to build sandcastles, an pack sand molds. I may not get a chance to read and lay on the beach, but it seems to be much more exciting now that I have a very active little man in my life.


I am truly in love with the beach so I find this the perfect destination too! Remember to read more of Travel Lady’s trips visit her blog, on Facebook, or Twitter.


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  1. I love the beach as well! Have recently been to greece (islands), and found that the beaches there, although not the absolute best for swimming, are just gorgeous! If you make it out there someday, be sure to head over to Gramvousa in Crete. It is unbelievable, just a little slice of pristine heaven.
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