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Favorite Destination: Hawaii


Welcome to my Guest Post series…My Favorite Family Vacation Destination. I’m so excited to share with you other traveler’s favorite destinations.

Jamie from Chocolate Covered Crunches is here today! She runs a fitness motivation blog – just what we all need, especially as we near the end of January as we tend to forget those resolutions! Jamie gives great work-out tips and even cool work-out music choices along with doses of chocolate (and sometimes wine). She is also my niece!

I think Jamie’s destination is one we can all relate to…Hawaii!


Hawaii Fun

I’ve been very blessed to vacation and visit in many places all over the country (and parts of the world) and of course this blog makes me want to add even more to my list! My favorite vacation destination has had to be the island of Oahu! Hawaii!!!

When my best friend Traci moved out to Hawaii, we were determined to get out there to visit her the minute we could. Two friends and I planned as a graduation/summer gift to ourselves to visit Traci for two weeks after school.

Two days after booking our flight, Traci got engaged (on the top of a mountain in Hawaii to add!) and we were immediately ecstatic for another trip to be in her bridal party in December. Note: We decided to go for both trips. Some people think that’s crazy, but we don’t regret it whatsoever.

In June we spent two weeks with Traci who was working on a boat/snorkeling cruise and had ventured through the island to find the best spots. It was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had!


We enjoyed the nightlife of Honolulu, a few days at the local beach, hiked on the East Side of the Island, swam with TURTLES, snorkeled on Traci’s boat, happy hours galore (at the various resorts on the West side of the island), saw the Pirates of the Caribbean boat and just had a great GIRL’s week. It was a memorable time.
Fun in the water
Fun in the water
In December, we were there for a wedding and a destination wedding! Traci and Adam were determined to have a wonderful wedding and share a great vacation with their friends and family. It was such a memorable experience.


We rented houses (groomsmen and bridesmaid homes) on the West side of the island and rented vans to get us around. We celebrated Traci and Adam through a day on the sandbar, a day at the beach, a rehearsal dinner “roast” and the wedding held in Waimea Valley in a nature park across from the North Shore.
Wedding fun
There was so much about Hawaii we were blessed to experience. I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list! Although it sounds far away, it’s actually extremely easy to get to (no customs for Americans) and if you add a flight locator for fares, it’s not that expensive. Rent a car and drive down the H3. It’s an awesome feeling!


Coolest part?
Traci and Adam really wanted the families and bridal party to get to know each other, they took us out to a secluded area off the East Shore, rented boats and headed out to a sand bar where we cooked, drank and played volleyball. It was the PERFECT “get to know you!”


Why I love Hawaii?

There’s something for everyone
From driving on H3 (Highway splitting East and West Hawaii) to sunning yourself with the turtles, there is something for everyone. For the adventurous people, you can do everything and for the sun bathers, there is plenty of sun.

It’s not HOT!
Okay..this might not make sense at first but it never gets unbearably hot. It’s beautiful weather in June and December. Any time!

You don’t feel secluded.
Traci was an amazing tour guide and showed us nightlife, tourist attractions and the historic Hawaii. It was a great experience to see all of it and know that Hawaii is a state and there are people on it!

Sushi…is unbelievable.
Don’t miss out the freshest sushi you’ll ever have! We went to a sushi bar once that had an elevator of choices which kept rotating. (sounds like a dream right?) The sushi was authentic and absolutely delicious.

Tips for newbies:

Get a rental car
There are so many places on Oahu to explore. As long as you have a GPS you are much better than hiring a driver/booking a service. Just google some of the tourist locations and take your car.

Hawaii has the WORST traffic
It’s true! They are voted second worst in the country! Know that from the hours of 3PM- 6PM, it’s a nightmare.

Wear sneakers on the plane
The first time we flew to Hawaii, I had my flip-flops and my shorts. Bad decision, our feet were balloons by the time we arrived. When we came in December, I wore compression socks and sneakers and feet fit like gloves in my heels for the wedding 🙂

Book a boat cruise
Whether it’s a snorkeling adventure or a booze cruise (I have no preference :)), the Hawaiian waters are unbelievable and worth every penny. Do it!

Fun on the water
Fun on the water
Head to the North Shore
It’s beautiful but be careful! There are no lifeguards and the surf can be rough. We were there for a surfing competition and we just watched the day away, it was amazing. We even saw a school of flipper dolphins!The most filmed/famous area of the North Shore is called Waimea Valley.


And of course, the best part about Hawaii is that you can have your souvenir as your photos. (I’m a huge advocate of this method of souvenirs) As part of the bridal party, Traci gave us all the photos available from the photographer, I hope you enjoy them!


Thanks, Jamie. Although we’ve been to Hawaii, I want to go back, especially now!

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Please note, I’ll be continuing this series,
so look forward to more great destinations.
If you’re interested in participating, let me know!!



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