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Favorite Destination: DeBordieu

Welcome to my Guest Post series…My Favorite Family Vacation Destination.

I’m so excited to share with you other traveler’s favorite destinations.

Today’s featured destination: DeBordieu, South Carolina comes from David Wilson. David  is a Travel Content Writer who does various freelance projects with companies that deal with travel and family. He is currently guest blogging on behalf of, an establishment that helps families cope up with troubled teens.

Now here’s more about DeBordieu!

There are many beautiful parts of this country that a family can enjoy together, but none that I have experienced compare with the tempo of the ocean surf hitting the sand of South Carolina.

Though often overshadowed by resorts in other parts of the southeast, DeBordieu colony has all the ingredients needed for a summer vacation at the beach without the crowds and traffic of North Carolina’s Outer Banks or Florida’s Keys. This is because DeBordieu is a smaller community, less than three thousand acres of beachfront, where the goal of the vacation is to enjoy the passage of time rather than scramble from one item on the itinerary to another.

Kids of all ages love the beach, whether they are just beginning to learn how to swim and can jump through the incoming waves or whether they are old enough to want to impress fellow beach goers with their physique. All you need is a change of clothes, some sunscreen, a blanket and an umbrella, and maybe a snack or two and you can spend sun-up to sundown paddling in the surf, constructing mammoth sand castles, patrolling for shells, and jumping into the waves to body surf. Parents love it because it lets their young ones run and swim and tire themselves out while they can enjoy time alone.

The beach at DeBordieu

The beach is the biggest feature of DeBordieu but it is far from the only one. Once you have filled up a jar with the best shells and driftwood, rinse the salt out of your hair and bathing suit and be ready for the next adventure.

Sport fishing in South Carolina is some of the best in the country as the Atlantic currents stir up bait fish that are chased by much larger trophies. If you have never fished before or if you want to land a ten-foot marlin, this is the best time and place to do it. Any family can rent out a boat for the day and come back with a big enough catch for dinner.

DeBordieu is located within an hour of Charleston, where history buffs and barbecue lovers alike can congregate to learn about the tales of piracy and villainy in the early colonies while they chow down on the best pulled pork, brisket, rump roast, and beef sausage in the entire south. Take tours through the city to see the vines creeping up around classical mansions.

Getting time away with the spouse and children offers the chance to come together as a family and connect in ways that may not be available any other time of the year. The fondest memories that I have as a child were of vacations to the beach, and it is still possible to smell the salt in the air and hear the thump of the tide after several decades.

Taking the structure of a nine-to-five job and school each weekday away from parents and kids creates an atmosphere of inclusion and happiness. You can find boarding school advice from for further information on structures for kids and parents.


Thanks David! I’ve never been to DeBordieu and look forward to visiting.


Please note, I’ll be continuing this series,
so look forward to more great destinations.
If you’re interested in participating, let me know!!


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  1. We will be in Hilton Head July 6 to July 13. We enjoyed your course several years ago while staying at the Kitchen House. Is it possible to get a tee time at your course so that we can enjoy your magnificent course once again?

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