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Favorite Destination: Camping

Welcome to my Guest Post series…My Favorite Family Vacation Destination. I’m so excited to share with you other traveler’s favorite destinations.

Char is a mommy lifestyle blogger at The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom. She loves to write about fashion, travel and the wonderful adventures of being a mom to two awesome kids. Char loves to discover new things and share her findings with her friends all over the world. She has been featured on the BlogHer publishing network, Sanctity in the city on-line magazine and several other on-line publications. She started blogging in March of 2011 and resides in Canada. And, I am thrilled to have her participate!


There’s something about camping in the great outdoors – the fresh air, the beautiful stars at night, campfire smell, s’mores, hanging out by the lake… there’s just something about camping. We always knew we wanted to camp with our family, to introduce our children to what it was like to unplug ourselves from the rest of the world, sit under the stars, sing campfire songs and just enjoy being a family together.

Inukshuk at Killbear Point

The first time we camped with both of our kids, our daughter was two years old. Our son was one and he slept peacefully on my back in the baby carrier while we worked on setting up our campsite. We taught our little two-year-old daughter how to hammer in the tent pegs for our new and best 2 person tent ever, with the kids still so little, a two person tent is enough. Later we sang songs around the campfire till we were ready to collapse in our sleeping bags, contented after a full day of working hard, laughing and playing.


This past summer we were able to take our kids hiking to a lighthouse, build sandcastles, investigate innukshuks, splash each other with water in the lake, pick wildflowers for our picnic tent, and take a night tour to hear the sounds of nature. Thanks to the best travel luggage reviews I found and read, I equipped the family so well that we barely felt tired at all from all the hiking and traveling. We have sat on the beach at night marvelling at the stars, looking for the big dipper. At moments like this, I’ve been filled with an absolute sense of rightness knowing that is no where else in the world I would rather be than having this epic adventure camping with my family.

Epic Family at Killbear

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Thanks, Char. You make it sound magical! And, how about that free download – awesome!!

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Please note, I’ll be continuing this series,
so look forward to more great destinations.
If you’re interested in participating, let me know!!


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