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Favorite Destination: Bar Harbor

I’m happy to share with you a guest post from Adam. He is an avid traveler who loves everything from cooking to helping families save money to Broadway Shows for Kids to finding cool things to do when traveling.

Now that’s a lot of things but here is his favorite destination…

Bar Harbor

Maine’s vast and rocky coast line offers a huge range of fun and adventurous activities for the whole family. By staying in Bar Harbor, you can conveniently explore everything from lobster boat trips to national parks without renting a car and driving from location to location. With this list of Bar Harbor’s best attractions, you and your family can spend less time driving, and more time doing.

Acadia National Park

Located just a few minutes away from downtown Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park is famous for its rugged beauty, jagged coast line, and being one of the first places sunlight touches in the country. For those looking for an intense hike for families without young kids, consider scaling the Bee Hive, which will provide you with stunning views of Acadia.

If you are looking for a more relaxing activity, take advantage of Sandy Beach, which offers one of Maine’s few breaks from its almost impenetrable, rocky coastline. At Sandy Beach your family can frolic in the waves, stroll along the neighboring nature trails, or just lie out in the sun and enjoy the beautiful sand.

One of Acadia’s most unique features is Mt. Cadillac, the highest mountain on the Eastern seaboard. You can hike or drive up to the top and see as far as Nova Scotia in Canada. If you want to wake up early, you can visit the top of the mountain and be one of the first people in America to witness the sun rise (if you want to be the very first, you have to visit Mt. Cadillac in the fall or winter).

With majestic views of the Atlantic, neighboring islands and Canada, no matter when you summit Mt. Cadillac, you will have a fantastic family photo opportunity to remember your trip by.

Lulu Lobster

Boat Rides Surly teenagers may get turned off by this tour’s name, but this is something kids and adults of all ages can enjoy. Guided by Captain John, a jolly man who seems to be able to answer any question about Maine or the ocean, this two hour tour is a can’t miss Bar Harbor activity.

You will get the chance to see rustic Maine light houses, learn about when German submarines dropped off spies in Maine during World War Two, and of course, help bring a lobster trap on board and see what is inside.

Just make sure you bring sunglasses or a hat, sun screen, and a coat. Even on warm summer days, it can get chilly out on the water. If your kids get cold easily, it can be a good idea for them to wear a pair of kids footed pajamas under their clothes to help stay warm.

Sea Kayaking Tour

There are a number of companies that offer sea kayaking services out of Bar Harbor, but one of the best is National Park Sea Kayak tours. Offering trips for all ages, their small tour size (no more than a dozen people) makes for a great family bonding experience. The routes change depending on weather and wind conditions, but all of them take you paddling through and around Maine’s beautiful bays and rocky coastline.

During the tour you are likely to see bald eagles, seals, and if you are lucky, even a moose. The guides are extremely knowledgeable (mine was studying marine biology) and could answer any question we asked them about the wildlife, geology and the history of the area. Your children may have a great time during the pit stop on a secluded sandy beach.

While you relax, your kids can tromp through the tidal pools and find starfish, sea urchins, crabs and the occasional lobster. The trips leave and return from a shuttle based right in downtown Bar Harbor, so there is no excuse to skip out on the sea kayaking tour.

Bar Harbor is a perfect family-friendly town to bring your kids. Best of all, it is one of the few locations in Maine where you can do a lot, while only driving a little. With a huge range of wilderness and sea activities, a trip to Bar Harbor can be the perfect opportunity for getting out and exploring nature with your family.


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