Aging Expectations

Everyone Needs a Little Rest

This is not a post about me taking a nap (although I’d like to take a nap and describe the virtues of doing it).

On our last trip, we left very early in the morning. So early, in fact, I did not change Leah out of her pajamas. I picked her up out of bed, put on her coat and shoes with her groggily helping, and we left.

The flight was short but she was still tired. What to do?

Luckily, rescued me. We had their travel bundle. It consisted of ear plugs, eye mask, and travel pillow in kids size.

Side note: When we first got our package, Leah loved the pillow so much she slept with in bed for the first few nights. A good idea because she got used to it and liked it so when we used it on the trip, it was something familiar.

We gave Leah the eye mask and pillow. Although she didn’t sleep more, she did relax for a while. We didn’t use the ear plugs though.


It worked so well, I had trouble keeping it just for her.


Although, we don’t take many road trips, this package would work great on those long car trips.


Thank you to, who provided me with the pillow package. All opinions are my own.



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