Aging Expectations

Editing Is Deadly

editingEditing is one form of a slow death.

Previously, I mentioned that I finished editing my most recent book. It’s called Believe in Brilliance, which don’t even get me started on how picking a title for your book is harder than picking a name for your child.

I love to write, I hate to edit. It is a necessary evil though so we must trudge through it. I say we but you didn’t help! Where were you? I love to edit other people’s work. Want something edited? Send it over, I’ll rip it to shreds…just for you!

Maybe I should change my editing outlook. It’s a good thought but probably won’t happen.┬áHere’s why:

1. There are too many rules in the English language.

2. It’s depressing to find fault with something you’ve created. What? I’m not perfect?

3. Editing makes you begin to second guess yourself. Not only your sentences, characters, and word choice but your entire plot, story line and ending.

4. It’s actually hard to find errors in your own writing. Tip: Read it out loud. Those errors stand right out!

5. It’s difficult to read a whole book out loud. You need lots of time…and water.

6. Many of your flaws become crystal clear. You wouldn’t believe how many times I use the word “just” in my writing or maybe you’ve already realized it. Why do I do it? I just don’t know.

7. It’s never-ending. That’s why it’s a slow death. You could edit for-ever. It’s never going to be 100% perfect.

8. It provides an escape route to actually moving forward with publishing your work. This is probably the worst one!

For now, I’ve lived through one near-death editing experience.

Bring it on World!

Okay, not really. I’m totally kidding, World. Remember we’re friends. We love each other. Let’s keep it that way.

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