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Decorating with Snowflakes

just an ordinary toilet paper tube

Don’t you just love a naked toilet paper roll? There are so many possibilities (beside the trash). So many crafts you can make with them. I’ve collected them for a while. I’m storing them in a white trash bag that my husband keeps asking me if I’m throwing away.

Of course not! Then I instruct him to move the bag to another location so it won’t annoy him (which works for a while). I really do have more than I could ever use so when I see a cool craft that uses them, I’m all over it.

Cue snowflake craft…

My first thought was to make a lot of them (using a lot of my stash) and hang them around as holiday decorations. Snowflakes are cool because they work for Christmas, Hanukkah, and just wintertime. My daughter could practice cutting, which she loves and she could use glitter, which she adores!

Off we went!

I drew lines on the roll as a guide for her to cut. The problem (isn’t there always one) was the roll is a little thick for her to cut. She got tired of it before she done with the first one.

Then she came up with the idea to color the pieces before adding glitter. Great idea! Unfortunately, she got tired after coloring three of them.

Onto the glitter.

Ah, glitter.



solo shot

I used to love glitter. It’s so pretty and sparkly. Even more exciting, Leah loves projects…after two boys who hated to even color, my world of glitter had finally opened!


Let me tell you, I wished it had stayed closed.

Glitter is impossible. It gets all over everything! I’m finding glitter in odd places, days after a project is done. And the worst part, Leah loves it!! She wants to use it ALL the time!

So, we got the glue and started to add the glitter. It was fine (let’s just leave it at that). After all was said and done, we had five completed snowflakes. There goes my idea of decorating the house.

I had the pieces out drying when my friend stopped by for a quick visit. She saw them and said, “Oh, what are these candle holders?”


I like them in a row the best 🙂

Hhhmmm, candle holders. Right!


Without further ado, here are our snowflake candle holders…


Yes, I did realize the paper and flame might not mix well, so I cut a few of them back to make it safer!

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