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Date Night in Philly – Part 1

Welcome to the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Philadelphia Center CityA few weeks ago, my husband planned a 24-hour date for just the two of us.

That’s right, he planned it all!

As you might guess, I was excited!

We took the train to Philadelphia and walked to our hotel, The Doubletree Philadelphia. This was a fantastic surprise because it’s the hotel where we held our marriage ceremony and reception.

The woman at the front desk greeted us and “remembered us from our wedding”, which means they have a phenomenal database that keeps great records for more than seven years. Either way it was a nice touch. She tried to get us the honeymoon suite but it was already reserved. She did give us those yummy, complimentary cookies and drink coupons for the lobby bar. Score!

barnesAfter getting acquainted with our room, we went back downstairs and hailed a taxi to the Barnes Foundation. Do you know the Barnes? If not, here’s a quick overview (which is in my own words and is not at all endorsed by the Barnes Foundation).


Explanation of Barnes (by Ronnie)

Albert Barnes was this rich guy (who made all his money from formulating a drug that cured gonorrhea – not kidding). He loved art and bought as much of it as he could. He wanted to have a place where students could learn from the masters.

He had so much money, if he liked something (anything) he bought. He spent huge amounts of time arranging the art and when he died said the paintings could never be moved from the places he’d arranged them.

Eccentric, much?

There’s over 2,500 art objects. I give him credit though – I can’t keep track of 25 objects of any kind!


The place is amazing. You need hours to take it all in, probably days, and maybe weeks. They have done a great job with the audio tour and have easy to understand pamphlets noting all the works.

Michael and I made it more fun by picking our favorite piece in the room and the other person’s favorite piece and then trying to guess what each of us picked. It sounds corny but was fun. It was amazing to see and understand why we picked our favorites.

The most romantic part of the tour (cue the dreamy music) was when we both picked the same, exact piece as our overall favorite of the whole museum! The Boat Studio by Claude Monet. We’re thinking of getting a print of it for the house!


Don’t you love the reflection!

Also, I’m a new fan of Renoir. Why? Because the Barnes has ¬†over 180 in its collection.

Some people (you know “some people”, don’t you) think the outside of the museum is unsightly but we disagree. The outside is beautiful and so calming. We loved it and wished we had more time to enjoy.

But…it was back to the hotel to get ready for Part 2…

Dinner at Zahav.



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