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Date Night in Philly – Part 2

My husband planned a great overnight date in Philadelphia.

First, we went to the Barnes Foundation.

Standing O Bistro and Bar

When we got back to the hotel, we stopped into Standing O, which is the lobby bar at the Doubletree where we were staying. Remember, when we checked in we were given two free drink coupons.

We happened to see friends of the family who were having dinner there. The recommended NOT to get the french onion soup. Noted.

We did get two drinks and two appetizers (the broiled lump crab trio and the hummus and pita). The food was okay, nothing too special.

Then we got ready for dinner and headed out to Zahav (here’s what we thought).

The Little Things

The next morning walked to Starbucks and had a small breakfast. This was one of my favorite parts of the dates. We were just talking and laughing – having a great time. It is so nice not to be interrupted by a four year-old. A-mazing!

And, The Big Things

After lingering for a while, we took a taxi to the National Museum of Jewish History. I thought the museum was very nice. My husband is Jewish so he was filling me in on certain things as we went along. I did wish they’d have given a little more for non-Jewish people. Luckily, I had my husband to explain things but if I didn’t, I’d probably been a little lost.

how to first papersMy FAVORITE part was the Immigration area as if you’re at Ellis Island. The have a cool set up, where you walk in between iron bars and you interact with a computer but it’s so real. It’s as if you are really trying to get through immigration.

I mean, I felt nervous and I got a bunch of stuff wrong! We didn’t have enough time for me to go through the whole thing but I want to go back just to do that again – that’s how cool it was!

I highly recommend it!!

We ended our date by taking the train back home and having lunch at a little local place (only because my daughter and her grandparents were still out having fun!).

Date night in Philadelphia was awesome…I can’t wait to do it again!



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  1. It’s hard to tell. Although it sounds like a jewish name, renember that Jews took on last names about 100 years ago, so they may have taken on names that were non-Jewish. It depends on what translation the word Pitzer means. In addition, some people gained their religion because they had to comply with the religion of the leaders of the country they were in. And also, some people married into families of different nationalities. See how far back you can go in tracing the religion/nationality rather than tracing the name. In addition, to prove out the nationality, you might want to check your DNA because there are some traits known now specifically to Jewish. You ask about Ellis Island records: they aren’t fully accurate, although they give good clues. If they wrote “Hebrew”, yes Hebrew means Jewish, however the family might have come from or had been determined to come from a town or village that had a heavy Jewish population. The scriveners (record keepers) at that time weren’t sticklers on spelling or concern and that’s why the inaccuracies. But, again, EI gives you a lot of good clues.
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