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Dandelions Are Everywhere

Dandelions abound in our yard.

My daughter LOVES them. She is constantly picking them and bringing them to me. I put my foot down when she started picking the seeded dandelions – those were not allowed in the house!

Since so much of our time revolves around these flowers, I thought why not continue it…

…to craft time!

Here’s my quick summary:
Easy for me
Easy for Leah
Cute finished product

Here’s what we did:

  1. Gathered a bunch of cotton swaps and cotton balls
  2. Got some construction paper and glue
  3. Showed Leah how to do it
  4. Let her have fun



Here’s the finished product:



Love it! Simple and cute.

Here’s some of our other crafts:

Easy Kids Game to Make

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Paper Plate Spirals


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