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College Towns

collegeIn the last two weeks, we’ve visited three college towns. Although Matt is thinking about colleges, the visits weren’t planned for his benefit.

Of course, while we were there, we did check out some of the aspects of each town as if we were there for him.

Side note: We did not go on any scheduled school tours so this information is solely based on our experience without any school involvement.

Here are my thoughts on each town…

tcnjThe College Of New Jersey

  • beautiful campus
  • nice dorm room areas
  • ample parking
  • not a walkable town outside the campus
  • not a lot of great nearby restaurants or hotels

We ate a Wendy’s…I’m not reviewing it!



  • charming, historic campus
  • street parking
  • great small town feel with lots of restaurants and shops
  • very walkable

We ate at Zorba’s (the sit-down, bigger place)

  • good food
  • good service
  • good experience


pennPenn State

  • very nice, open campus
  • very walkable
  • lots of parking
  • tons of walkable restaurant and shops and even more drivable hotels, shops, and restaurants

We ate at Pickles

  • good food (my husband loved the peanut butter wings!)
  • great service
  • great experience


All three offered beautiful locations. I’d probably pick Princeton as my favorite just because the buildings were so charming and it was a managable campus.

What’s your favorite college campus? I’d love to know since we will have to start narrowing our selections with Matt soon!


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