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VIsuel_Totem_siteweb One thing I’ve always wanted to do was go to a Cirque du Soleil show.

Imagine my excitement, when I open my daily Groupon email and found a discount to the traveling Cirque show at the Camden Waterfront, I was all over it!

I counted down the days with anticipation. At the last-minute, my husband had to travel for business so couldn’t attend. My 15 year-old son, Matt, my four year-old daughter, Leah, and I hopped on the train and were on our way to cross something off my bucket list…


We trekked from the station to the big, blue and yellow circus tents and made our way to the entrance. We bought some water (in a refillable, souvenir bottle, which could be refilled at the numerous water stations around the tents – very nice!).

We found our seats. Now, the only available seats when I purchased the tickets were obstructed view. Some of the acts would have been better if seated in the middle but there was a cool part to the obstructed view seats.

We were near the “ladder” the performers used to climb to the very top of the tent.  They dress in all black, even covering their heads with black hoods. It was so cool to watch them before and during the show. It felt like we were behind-the-scenes!

The show was, of course, cool!

The things these people can do with their bodies is amazing. Their total lack of fear is unbelievable! I am probably the complete opposite of them, which makes it even more fantastic for me.

Leah's favorite act!
Leah’s favorite act!

At the intermission we asked Leah what she thought…

ME: “Leah, what do you think?”

LEAH: “I think we should get popcorn.”

ME: With utter annoyance written all over my face, “Okay, fine. BUT, what do you think of the show??”

LEAH: Clasping her hands together and taking a big breath, “It’s AWESOME!”

ME: With utter joy all over my face, “Yes! …Let’s get popcorn!”

As I left to get the popcorn (you actually had to go outside of one tent and walk to the other tent to the concessions), it was pouring! No rain is going to stop me from getting popcorn for my little Circ lover!

The second part of the show was just as good.

Matt's favorite act!
Matt’s favorite act!

I will say, I wasn’t fully following the “evolution” story. It didn’t matter, the show was still great. Also, I actually thought it was going to be more fantastical…that’s so not fair because it was great! But, I think I still want to see a show in Vegas. I have a feeling it is even better!

My favorite act!
My favorite act!

Don’t get me wrong we all loved it!

One thing, we didn’t love…walking back to the train station and back home in the rain! Yes, I forgot an umbrella!

The kids were so great though. Leah became “Somersault Girl” as she jumped over puddles. No, I didn’t tell her she wasn’t actually doing a somersault!

We were Team Rain and made it all the way home without any tears or meltdowns (even by me!).

It was an AMAZING night!

Our sympathies go out to the family and the whole Cirque du Soleil family for the recent loss of performer, Sarah Guillot-Guyard.

All pictures are from the Circ Du Soleil site.


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