Aging Expectations

Celebrate Spring

leah snowThis winter was terrible.

Are you tired of hearing that? I’m tired of saying it. But, I can’t help myself. The memory is too close. I haven’t let it go, yet! I apologize.

A negative (or some may consider it a positive) side effect of a bad winter is snow days. Lots of snow days means less spring break days and a longer school year.

The shorter spring break and my son’s ongoing activities, meant no big trip for us this year but we wanted to celebrate anyway. Here are some things we did:


Went to the movies
We saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman. At first, I was not excited but I actually liked it. Recommend.

leah bakingVisited Cherry Blossom Drive
There is a street close by that is lined with cherry blossom trees in honor of 9/11. Unfortunately, none of the trees were blooming yet. Bust.

Baked Muffins
We are eating Paleo (more on this later) and tried some Paleo baked goods. They came out good and the kids loved them most. Winner.


Had an Egg Hunt
We don’t have a lot of Easter celebrations but we do have an egg hunt. Leah couldn’t wait for Sunday so we did it on Saturday…about 100 times. I hid them, she hid them, everybody hid them and found them (all except one – time for spring cleaning!). Thumbs up.

egg hunt
Can you find the egg?


Went to the Art Museumart museum
Matt is taking an AP Art History class this year so we thought it would be cool to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art so he could tell us all about art! He was amazing! To hear your 15 year-old discuss art is a surreal situation. Leah on the other hand was bored. Mixed reviews.


Took a Walk to the Playground
I hate playgrounds. There I’ve admitted it. Don’t hate me. My husband and daughter love them. I go to participate. I go to watch them have fun. After awhile I complain. Then we go. Still worth it.


Made Dinner with Grandparents
Having dinner with grandparents can be fun or not…I’ve seen it go either way. Luckily, we had fun! Do it.


Visited Family
We visited some family we hadn’t seen in a few months. This is always a great way to spend time…catching up, visiting, connecting, no pressure just fun. Recommend.

Had a Pizza Lunch
Any time pizza is involved it’s a good time. Forget Paleo and the calories and enjoy!

leahHosted a Play Date
Play dates are the new, “go outside and play” and I can see why our parents constantly told us to do that. Much more of a scheduling nightmare then in our day but still very effective. You gotta do it.


Went on a Play Date
See Monday.

Ate Lunch With Just One Child
Another great aspect of play dates, is the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with your other children. While one (or some) are having fun with friends (at their house, not yours), you can spend time with one child at a time. We took the opportunity to go out to lunch. So worth it!


It wasn’t too crazy. We had fun and relaxed. Leah woke up early every morning that she didn’t have to go to school. The first morning she had to go back, I couldn’t wake her. If you have the secret for dealing with this dilemma, please let me know! 

How was your spring break?

Also, I’m looking for fun summer ideas. Do you have any? What are you planning this summer?





  1. Summer ideas…
    Every summer, I plan to go to Delsea Drive-In with the kids, but we never do it. I grew up going to drive-in movies in Los Angeles, and I haven’t been to one in ages. Hoping it lives up to my expectations! PJ’s, pillows, and a picnic in the car!

    Built a new fire pit and tested it out this weekend with S’Mores. I usually wait until summer, but it’s never too early for S’Mores. 🙂

    Looking forward to sleeping in a little every day, since we won’t have to get the kids off to school. I think I look forward to that the most!

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