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Casey Jones Museum; Jackson, TN

casey jones museumWe were up early to begin Day Three of our road trip!

We were on our way from Nashville to Jackson, TN. We planned on stopping at the Casey Jones Museum.

You’ve heard of Casey Jones, right?

If not, let me remind you who he is…

Casey Jones was an American Railroad worker from Jackson. He became a hero when he saved everyone on his passenger train car when it collided with a freight car. The accident, by the way, was not at all his fault.

A song written about the heroic endeavor brought Casey Jones immortality. Not even joking when I say immortality.

There is so much memorabilia from all the Casey Jones TV shows, movies, books, recordings…it goes on and on!

The museum is easy to find with great parking. When you enter, you watch a brief movie first to acquaint yourself with Casey. It’s short but interesting with all the facts.

Then it’s on to the memorabilia! You could look for days.

When you’ve had you’re fill, make your way outside to see the replica steam engine. You can even ring the bell.

casey jones museum

casey jones museum

Leah is with Jimmy, the director of the museum. He’s a sweet guy. If you’re there be sure to stop by and say hello…I’m certain he’d be happy to meet you!

After, we visited Casey Jones’ house. Yes, his actual house, brought fully intact to this spot.

casey jones museum

I love old historical homes and this one didn’t disappoint, small but lots of detail.

From there we left via the gift shop, with it’s own play area. Leah LOVED it. Honestly, she could have stayed all day. Lucky for us, it was lunch time.

casey jones museum

We made our way across the parking lot to the Old Country Store for an extremely southern lunch. If you are not from the south, this is an attraction all to itself. All the food is southern. You must stop by for a visit and a meal (and a little candy)!

casey jones museum

Finally, in the middle of the parking lot is an old Pullman train car, which you can tour. I love seeing all of these old things and imagining living in those times.

cacasey jones museumey

In a time, when you didn’t mind going to the potty right next to your other travelers. And, you think those airplane bathrooms are ackward.

After a great morning, we were back on the road to Memphis! Any guesses where we’re going in Memphis?



Although all opinions are my own, The Casey Jones Museum gave me the opportunity to visit and present this experience to you. For more information, visit or call 1.731.668.1-2-2-2 (just like a train whistle).

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Casey Jones Museum; Jackson, TN

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