Aging Expectations

Can I Have Better Body?

thinner this yearIn January, I bought a book called Thinner This Year: A Younger Next Year Book. I don’t know why I bought it. You might think with the start of the New Year, I had some resolution about improving my health or working out or eating better or something! But, I didn’t.

The book just attracted my attention. I read a few, intermittent pages and liked it. So, I bought it (I’m crazy like that).

Let me tell you…

I loved it. It is such a good book. I highly recommend it. Written by Chris Crowley, a 78 year-old guy (who still does like 50 mile bike rides in Colorado), and Jennifer Sacheck, a nutrition scientist. The two make exercise and eating right seem not only fun but critical to maintaining a healthy life to an old age. I mean, I knew that already but they made it seem MANDATORY!

I decided it was time for me to make some changes.

Now, we eat pretty well. Hardly, any red meat, lots of veggies, and not much processed food when it comes to meal time. But still, lots of room for improvement.

Exercise though. That’s a tough one for me. In my life, it is non-existent.

After reading the book, I tried exercising at home but I just didn’t have it in me. I felt like I was doing everything wrong. I was de-motivated because I’m so out of shape. I mean five minutes on the elliptical and I’m wheezing as if I ran a marathon.

I needed help!

I did a little research and found a personal training gym near me, Fit4Life. The gym targeted nutrition and exercise, which I liked. I requested more information and they followed up quickly.

During the (free, of course) 60-minute assessment, we discussed my goals and my problems. Kevin, the owner, took everything I said into consideration (yes, even that I want to do a split).

He then checked my posture, which is a mess, which I know.

He told me we needed to correct that to make any and all exercise more effect. I found that refreshing. Not because I like having it pointed out to me that I can’t stand up straight but because I know it needs fixing and I like that someone is willing to tell me and help me fix my unique issues.

Kevin took my weight, BMI and general measurements. Nothing out of the ordinary but of course, room for improvement. I’m all about being open but I’m not quite ready to share those numbers with you. I’m sure you understand!

Here’s some things I would like to share though:

Hardest part of the week:
Not eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I’m tracking my food through MyFittnessPal (which I LOVE). You can see everything and it makes it hard to just sneak something when you have to track it.

Easiest part of the week:
Hhhmm, nothing was really easy. I found it tough to motivate myself to do the exercise, tough to eat accordingly, and not much additional energy

Why I’m going to keep going:
I know this is important to my longevity.

How I stayed motivated:
Knowing I was going to have to talk with Rob, my personal trainer, at the beginning of the week. I didn’t want to have to say I didn’t do the exercises.

Favorite Thing:
Fit4Life offers a bootcamp every Saturday morning. I went. I really liked it. Not only because I did it but because I met some cool people who were so friendly, which made it fun.

Most Radical Thing I Learned:
You should eat 20g of protein at breakfast! Say whaaaa? 20g. Impossible! I’ve got to work on this.

I’m seeing this through for at least nine weeks, so expect more updates from me. I’ll be a little more detailed in the future.

When I read about another person’s experience it’s refreshing (and even motivating) to know it wasn’t easy for them.

I hope to tell it like it is (the good and the bad, maybe not the ugly) and hope, even more, to tell you how successful I’ve been!


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