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Best Trip Ever

We do a lot of traveling (hence the blog) and visit a lot of places. We usually have a great time wherever we go. Sure, sometimes it’s fraught with disasters but in the end it winds up being fun (at least that’s how we remember it after a few years).

However, this past week, I experienced the best trip ever.

My daughter and I went to Storybook Land. Now, this is not really a “big” trip. It’s only about an hour away and only two of us went for one afternoon. None the less, I’m categorizing it as a trip.

Here’s why it was the best:

  • we didn’t rush
  • it was clean
  • we walked all over without missing the stroller
  • everyone was nice
  • we had no expectations
  • the weather was perfect
  • we loved the rides and the exhibits
  • there were no tears (NONE, that is unbelievable but true)
  • it was age appropriate
  • nobody got car sick

This all happened even though:

  • it was expensive
  • we had to park far
  • it was crowded

Storybook Land is filled with all rides and small exhibits related to kid’s stories. I say exhibits because I don’t know what else to call them. Here are some examples of the exhibits:

A big boot you can walk through that is supposed to be the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe

A big sculpture of Moby Dick with his mouth open you can stand in

A pumpkin with a moving statue of a woman making pies representing Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater (and another pumpkin you can go in)

Snow White’s house that you can look in the windows and see and hear the elves singing and dancing (and a Dopey figure to stick your head in)

Live birds including a regular peacock and two white peacocks (I’ve never seen those before!)

See, exhibits, right?

They also have rides, like:

train ride, which goes around the park

dragon ride



card maze

  • ferris wheel

They have a few rides that are faster, higher, and overall a bit scarier but my daughter doesn’t like those yet, so we stuck to the smaller rides.

Storybook Land is perfect for three through eight-year-olds. Younger or older can certainly go but I don’t think they’d enjoy it as much. It really is a clean, well-kept park that is lots of fun!


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