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Believe It Or Not!

ripleysOne of the things on my bucket list is a multi-day road trip. We don’t do a lot of road trips. My husband hates them.

I can’t blame him. Leah tends to get car sick. She’s thrown up on the 60-minute drive to her grandparents (understandable). She’s thrown up on the 20-minute ride to her summer camp (hmmm, a little odd). She’s thrown up on a 10-minute drive to Target (really?)!

Based on this, Michael tends to think a long car trip is not fun. Believe it or not.

Not me — I live for adventure!

When the opportunity came up for us to drive from New Jersey to Dallas, I was all in. My husband was all out!

He also didn’t want me going with alone. Since my sons (16 and 21) seem to have their own lives. Believe it or not.

The trip wasn’t looking too good. Cue the hero who saved the day…I mean trip!

My uncle said he would come with us!

He lives in Texas and said he would fly up and then drive back down on the road trip with us!

Yes, I told him about the car sickness.

Yes, he knows my daughter can babble on for hours.

But…he was in. Believe it or not!

He lives for adventure too!

I planned the whole trip with lots of fun stops over a four-day span. I also planned tons of games and activities to keep Leah occupied on the road.

We were ready!

On Monday morning, the car was clean, gassed up, and packed…we were off!

Our first stop was Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Baltimore. It was about 2 hours away. We didn’t hit any traffic and made it according to plan. We found parking in a garage and walked to the water-front area.


Ripley’s is right on the water. From the moment we walked up to the ticket counter, we thought it was awesome. You can see some cool displays before you even enter!

Leah loved those immediately. I didn’t think we were going to see anything else!


With a little urging, we continue on our way. There are rooms and rooms filled with unbelievable stuff!

I love the term, “Believe It Or Not” because you can use it in so many ways with the exhibits on display.

For example:

  • The 5′ tall picture of Justin Bieber’s face made from only candy.
    Believe It Or Not…as in why would someone even spend their time doing that?
  • The pictures and story of men who would tightrope walk across skyscrapers in NYC with a piece of the tightrope about a foot off the ground for you to try.
    Believe It Or Not…as in that is so scary, I couldn’t do it a foot off the ground let alone even imaging being up 20 stories!


  • The life-size replica of the tallest man.
    Believe It Or Not…as in it is unbelievable how nature works.


  • A room with loud music and full wall screen that you dance in front of and it shows your imagine in different colors and patterns.
    Believe It Or Not…as in my daughter LOVED this so much, she honestly could have stayed there all day.



We all loved the mirror maze too. This is the first mirror maze I’ve ever been in that was actually confusing on which way to go (and Believe It Or Not, I’ve been in a lot of mirror mazes!).



We also loved the 4D movies. They were short but so fun.



I also wanted to mention how friendly the staff were. It helped to make our visit even more enjoyable.

We left Ripley’s, made our way back to the car, and were back on the road!


Next stop…picnic lunch and The Frontier Cultural Museum.


Although all opinions are my own, Ripley’s gave me the opportunity to visit and present this experience to you. For more information, visit or call 443.615.7878.

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  1. Looking forward to reading Part 2! As far as the car sickness goes, have you tried Sea-Bands (acupressure bands)? Aidan wore them on our drive to and from Maine and didn’t experience any car sickness! Fingers crossed they can help Leah, too! I got ours at Target, and they’re reusable.

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