Aging Expectations

Be Inspired…by this 90 Year-Old Graduate!

Be inspired!

Imagine an older adult. Did you picture the stereotypical “old” person? One who is cranky and hard of hearing? One who can hardly make it up a flight of stairs, let alone understand how to use a cell phone?

When this happens and the only images you are exposed to are poor examples of advanced age it is difficult to find hope.

That’s about to change!

It’s time to…

be inspired!

The man pictured is Wally Taibelson. He is 90 years old!

Wally started college when he was 70 years old. He started slowly. It took him five years to earn his associates degree.


But he wasn’t satisfied.

Four years later he earned his undergraduate degree in history.

But he still wasn’t satisfied.

He went on to earn a master’s degree in history.

But he still wasn’t satisfied.

He earned another master’s degree in literature.

But he still wasn’t satisfied.

He earned his third master’s degree in education.


It wasn’t always easy. Wally lost his wife during the process and had to deal with a degenerative eye disease. He prefers to read and write in

36 font


Wally has met a lot of great friends throughout his educational journey along with a “few jerks”! I’m sure we can all identify.

Do you need more inspiration?

With all this studying, Wally still finds time to ride his exercise bike every day.

This story is particularly inspiring to me. Having returned to the education system to pursue my degrees as an older adult, this story makes me feel like a youngster.

I hope Wally’s story has a similar effect on you! I’d love to hear your thoughts…let me know in the comments below.

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