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Be Inspired…by this 105 Year-Old Cyclist

This is Robert Marchand. He was born in 1911 – that makes him 105 years old! In January 2017, he set a cycling record. That’s right, it’s time to…

be inspired!

He completed a little over 14 miles in one hour, the best time in the newly-created over-105 age category. Now, he is not competing in the Tour de France but let’s be honest cycling at that pace for someone over 105 is amazing.

You might think Mr. Marchand was a world-class athlete or at least a trained cyclist but he was not!

He was a regular guy with jobs as a truck driver, gardener, firefighter, and lumberjack among other things throughout his life. You can’t tell me you are not inspired. If this guy is not only alive at 105 but living in a way where he is riding his bike (at a great pace) every day…

imagine what you can do!


Let me know in the comments section below what you plan on doing when you are 105 years-old.

New York Times



First picture by The Daily Republic.

Second picture by The New York Times

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