Aging Expectations

Bad Craft!

You probably already know, there are good people and then there are bad people.

What you might not know…

there are good crafts and then there are bad crafts.

It’s true. I don’t know why they’re bad…like people, maybe they are just born that way 🙂

Our most recent bad craft was this…

dry erase


Super cool, huh!?

Leah has an easel with a dry erase side and when she makes small mistakes, she constantly uses her fingers to make the corrections (getting market on her fingertips). This seemed perfect for us.

We had a hard time gluing them. Because Leah was doing the craft with me, we used white glue instead of hot glue.


They were not sticking, but we persisted.

dry erase

We let them dry, for-ever (especially in Leah’s eyes).

Finally, it was time to try them. As soon as she started to use them, she had a problem.


She couldn’t put the cap on the top of the market because the pom-pom was in the way. Oh no!

She moved on though and held the cap in her other hand while she drew. Then after about 5 minutes (maybe 10 uses), the pom-poms started falling off!

Then the pom-poms were so stiff from the glue, we couldn’t really reuse them (for anything!).

Finally, the pom-poms that were still on started to turn the color of the ink, which you would imagine. Leah didn’t like that part either though.

So there you have it…bad craft.

Okay, maybe it was the glue, the pom-poms, the markers or just overall user error. Either way, this craft did NOT work for us and is therefore labeled (in our book) – Bad Craft!

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