Aging Expectations

Avoid These Travel Mistakes

You planned a great trip to the must-see tourist hot spot. You’re kids are going to love it. You’re going to love it.

Everyone goes to sleep in their hotel beds. Dreaming of the next day’s adventure in those clean, crisp white sheets. Aaahhh…perfection.

It’s morning! The kids wake up!

They start jumping on the hotels beds, because that’s fun, right?

You’re finally able to rally the troops and get everyone dressed. Your bag is ready  to go; sunscreen, snacks, water bottles…all set.



As you head out the door, you almost forget the hotel key, but someone remembers just in time! However, half-way down the hall, you realize you don’t have the car keys. Go back. Then someone HAS to go to the bathroom. Go back.



Finally, you make it to breakfast. After a hearty meal of half-eaten eggs (they taste weird) and toast (the bread is too thick), you are ready to get to the attraction.

Except by the time you make it there…you’re in the longest line of your life and the fun is sucked out the adventure!




Change the scenario…

1. Jump on the bed before going to sleep.

2. Pack the bag before going to bed.

3. Set out everyone’s clothes the night before (including socks and shoes).

4. Back-track your timing.

  • Attraction opening time. 9am
  • It takes 60 minutes to reach attraction (figure in traffic times, getting lost, and parking). 8:00am
  • It takes 30 minutes for breakfast. 7:30am
  • It takes 45 minutes to get everyone ready. 6:45am
  • Add at least 15 minutes for unforeseen issues. 6:30am

5. Set a wake up call for the time you want to get up (example above: 6:30am).

6. Tell everyone the plan before going to sleep.

7. Set one child in charge of the room key (this can rotate on a daily basis). They get to open the door for the whole day but they are also responsible for remembering to bring the key out of the room.

8. Ask for an extra key at check-in and keep that in your bag as a back-up.

9. Order any tickets ahead of time to avoid the long line of purchasers.

10. Arrive at your destination, stress-free and ready to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!


Enjoy your vacation, you deserve it!

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