Aging Expectations

Are You a Professional?

steve-pressfield-3Previously, I mentioned how much I love the book The War of Art. It helped me appreciate my writing and clarify my constant procrastination to write. You might think that someone who likes to write and wants to be a published author would not procrastinate about it.

Yet, I did.

This book allowed me not only to understand my reluctance but gave me useful strategies to overcome it!

Of the many things suggested, showing up everyday was one of them.

For me, this means writing EVERY day. It is something I’ve known but couldn’t make happen consistently. However, when Steven Pressfield writes:

“What exactly are the qualities that define us as professional?

1.) We show up every day. We might do it only because we have to, to keep from getting fired. But we do it. We show up every day.

2.) We show up no matter what. In sickness and in health, come hell or high water, we stagger in to the factory. We might do it only so as not to let down our co-workers, or for other, less noble reasons. But we do it. Wh show up no matter what.

3.) We stay on the job all day. Our minds may wander, but our bodies remain at the wheel. We pick up the phone when it rings, we assist the customer when he seeks our help. We don’t go home till the whistle blows.”

There are seven other reasons but these first three were¬†written directly for me. I was expecting professional results while playing an amateur’s game. I must write everyday. Monday through Friday — like a real job.

kingkongI also love this chapter of the book because Pressfield tells a story about his first professional writing job. The one where he thought he had written a blockbuster film. It was a total flop. In fact, he went to one theater and asked a kid working there how the movie was…the kid, gave him the thumbs down and said, “Miss it, man. It sucks.”

Oh, isn’t that a killer? Can’t you just feel that stomach sinking, face burning, lump in the throat feeling?

There you are, believing you’ve finally made it and even than there are more obstacles but what will you do?

Here’s what you do…

You keep trying.

You keep showing up.

Every day. 

If you want to be treated as a professional, than act like a professional.

At least, that’s my new motto!


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