Aging Expectations

Am I That Old?

We went to a large family dinner a few nights ago. Matt, my 14 year-old son was sitting on one side of me and Michael, my husband was sitting on the other side.

After dinner the three of us were talking. In the middle of the conversation Matt tells me I have something under my eye. We have a rule that you must tell another family member about something on their face, something in their teeth, messed up hair, etc.

Me: (Wiping under my eye) Did I get it?

Matt: No, it’s still there.

Me: (Wiping like crazy) Did I get it?

Matt: No, I still see it.

Me: (Looking at my husband) Do you see it?

Michael: No, I don’t see anything.

Me: Matt, what is it? What does it look like?

Matt: I don’t know what it is. It kinda, it kinda looks like…a bag.

Me: WHAT???!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

Matt: (Not understanding what he actually just said) What? Sorry! I guess it’s nothing.


Right, it’s nothing. Only my youth.


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