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Alaskan Cruise Port: Ketchikan

ketchikanOur first stop during our Alaskan Cruise was…Ketchikan.

As we arrived into port, it was early, foggy, chilly and rainy. I guess that’s what you can and should expect during an Alaska summer morning.

We had prearranged some pretty big excursions on this trip so we kept this day more low-key. We decided on the Lumberjack Show!

Oh yeah, lumberjacks.

Our tour was at 10am so we had plenty of time to get ready and have breakfast. We ate at the buffet breakfast place again. Again, it was crowded.

We decided, the next morning, we were definitely…

trying something new.

Around 9:45, we made our way out of the ship. Every person receives a room card with their picture associated with it. We had to bring all of our room cards with us and they scanned them prior to us leaving to be sure we were the correct person.

Side note: Upon returning, we had to do the same plus place all our belongings through a security belt.


Our tour wasn’t quite ready to leave so we pursued a nearby gift shop. Convenient, huh? In all fairness, they did tell us the show was close and we could walk but since we were unfamiliar with the area, we chose to wait.


Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for our bus. Our bus driver gave us the full overview of Ketchikan. It was originally a logging town, hence the lumberjack show. That ended though when they began conserving the forest.

Then there was a strong factory trade (I can’t remember what, though!) but that since closed too and now Ketchikan relies on tourism.


It’s a small town. Since it’s so mountainous there are streets that are actual stairways. They have street signs and the city maintains them. Cool.

They also have a tunnel, which the driver boasted was the only one you could go through, over, around (and I swear he said under).

The lumberjack show was fun. We sat in an open air auditorium. It was still cloudy and chilly but it never really rained. They did have heat lamps at the show, which was very nice.


Given everything though, I was glad to have our rain jackets!

They separated us into two teams and the lumberjacks competed doing crazy logging stunts. These guys are real competitors and as corny as it might seem, I really wanted our team to win!


Unfortunately, we lost. Boo!


The guys were great though and waited around after the show so everyone could take pictures.

From there we walked around looking for a place for lunch, which we couldn’t find! There were only two restaurants. Both were full. You know what they did have plenty of…jewelry stores, which were empty!

We heard that all the cruise lines own these jewelry stores. It seems to me, they’d be smarter to open more restaurants.

We walked back through the small town and through the tunnel. A few chose to walk over the tunnel, which wasn’t as easy as you might think – but they still had fun.


We made our way back to the ship for lunch at the buffet. We did save some money by just having lunch on the ship, so I guess that all worked out for the best.

My brother in-law and sister in-law took their son kayaking and they had a great time too. So, I’d have to recommend either excursion in Ketchikan.

Later in the afternoon, we had drinks in the Observation Lounge as our ship left Ketchikan. We saw lots of seaplanes taking off and landing, which seems boring but is quite cool.


That night, we had dinner at The Four Seasons. Another full service restaurant without the need of reservations or an extra fee. It was good. Not great but good.

Later, my husband stayed in the room with Leah and my sons and I went to the comedy show. It was okay, not that funny but the comedian did say, “You get what you pay for.”

The funniest part was when someone heckled him and he went crazy…hilarious. I wish they did that for the whole show!

Sunset that night didn’t come until 10:15pm! Crazy, beautiful!



Coming Up Next…Juneau!

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