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Alaskan Cruise: Glacier Bay

glacier bayOur Alaskan Cruise was fantastic.

Here’s what we’d done so far:

Alaskan Cruise: It’s On…
Alaskan Cruise Port: Ketchikan
Alaskan Cruise Port: Juneau
Alaskan Cruise Port: Skagway

and we were ready to see Glacier Bay.

What is Glacier Bay? Let me give you the official explanation:

Glacier Bay National Park is a World Heritage Site. It includes numerous tidewater glaciers – several are actively calving icebergs into the bay. The show can be spectacular. As water undermines the ice fronts, great blocks of ice – up to 200 feet high – break loose and crash into the water. (Information from VisitGlacierBay)

Here’s my unofficial explanation…


It’s an unbelievable stretch of amazing glaciers, which look like huge flattened mountains of snow and ice. You could watch these glaciers for hours.

They are so magnificent.

You can hear the ice cracking and falling as the weight of the glacier caves in on itself. Sometimes you can even see it happening…

We loved it.

Here’s something I learned on the trip, which I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t know…the difference between an iceberg and glacier.

Glaciers are huge masses of ice that flow over landmasses. They formed when snow compacts and compacts. They move down and over the landmass.

Icebergs are massive floating bodies of ice broken away from glaciers.

I thought we were going to see huge icebergs but no, we saw huge glaciers!

Here’s the size of the icebergs we saw:

glacier bay

You probably already knew that but thought, just in case, I’d fill you in on that small difference.

Regardless, the glaciers are awe-inspiring.

These pictures will not do them justice but here goes:

glacier bay

glacier bay

glacier bay

glacier bay


Again, I can’t stress enough how much we loved our balconies!

As you can see it was crowded on deck. The privacy of our balconies was fantastic. Perfect views without any other people in the way.

glacier bay


Here’s a big tip too.

We brought a glow in the dark ring toss game with us. Luckily, we didn’t have a chance to use it before the glacier day. Why luckily? Because believe it or not the kids (5 and 7 year-olds) didn’t find the glaciers as interesting after about 10 minutes.

glacier bay

glacier bay

glacier bay

They played that glow-in-the dark game (luckily the rooms have those black-out curtains) for hours while the adults enjoyed the glaciers. This is the time you want to pull out the most fun activity you’ve saved and let the kids go!

We had lunch at the buffet and a special dinner at Cagney’s (the extra charge steakhouse).

glacier bay

It was good. Again, not great but good. As you might imagine, we called it an early night.

Up Next…Hubbard Glacier and our Final Days


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