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Aging Challenge – Week 1

Aging Challenge

In this blog, I talk about all things aging. My main intent is to open your mind to the possibility of aging longer in a more happy and healthy way.

One of the main ways of doing this is through bringing research to you. Scientific research that has been conducted and shows that people are able to age in a more positive way. You can see all of that data by clicking here.

Another way I try to increase your openness to these positive aging ideas is by showing you examples of people who are doing it. Men and women who started learning or exercising later in life and continue to do it as they age. You can see all of those people by clicking here.

Additionally, I sprinkle in some inspiring talks (click here for those), aging in the news (click here for those facts), and interesting ways you can get involved with helping others in order to help yourself (click here for those ideas).

However, I don’t think it’s enough.

Aging is something that affects each and every one of us, every day! We need to be aware of what we are doing today that can affect what happens to us tomorrow – affects us even having a tomorrow!

In an effort to bring these ideas closer to home and to give you some solid footing on what you can do right now to increase your tomorrows and make them happy and healthy tomorrows, I’m starting a new feature…

The Aging Challenge!

That’s right, I’m challenging you to take a few minutes to meditate on (if “meditate on” is too strong or weird for you, insert “think about”) the topics I introduce each week.

You can open a journal or grab a scrap of paper and write your thoughts, which I highly suggest since writing things down is important. But again, if that is too much for you, just take a few minutes to think the topic through. Something is better than nothing.


Okay, so let’s get to the first week. This week is simple. Here are the questions:

What are your past experiences with meditating or journaling?
How do you see yourself meditating or journaling in the future?

Before you even begin, take a moment and read these inspiring quotes:

Some people think that meditation takes time away from physical accomplishment. Taken to extremes, of course, that’s true. Most people, however, find that meditation creates more time than it takes.
– Peter McWilliams

A personal journal is an ideal environment in which to “become”. It is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, expand, remember, and dream.
– Brad Wilcox

Meditation is listening to the Divine within.
– Edgar Cayce

I don’t want to live in a hand-me-down world of others’ experiences. I want to write about me, my discoveries, my fears, my feelings, about me.
– Helen Keller

Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better, it’s about befriending who we are.
– Ani Pema Chodron

Write what should not be forgotten.
– Isabel Allende

The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime.
– Sogyal Rinpoche

Okay, go!

I would love to hear what you think in the comments below. However, I understand all people aren’t sharers of such information. As long as you think about it and give it a little effort – that is what matters.

Here are my thoughts on the subject:

I love to journal probably because I love to write. I also love all things related to writing; pens, pencils, and paper. One of my favorite things in the world is a nice, sharp pencil. I love the way it smells, it writes, and just the way it feels in my hand. Weird, yes but that’s me.

Unfortunately, I find I don’t keep to it. I have started journaling more times than I care to admit. They usually start off like this, “wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I journaled…”

One thing I find odd is starting it. Do you write, “Dear Me,” or “Dear Ronnie,” or just “Hello,” or maybe jump right into writing. That’s what I do now – no salutation, I just begin writing. I find it works best for me.

However, with this Aging Challenge, I know I need to and want to be more regular with my journaling so it’s on! Are you with me?

As for meditating, I haven’t practiced this at all. But, in all the research I read, meditation is huge. It has so many benefits that I can no longer ignore it.

I must begin a meditation practice.

I have started using an app called Insight Timer. It is filled with guided meditations, which are when someone talks you through the practice as opposed to just sitting there and trying to concentrate on your breath by yourself.

This is extremely helpful for me in starting, otherwise, my mind wanders aimlessly on my to-do list and other things “I should” be doing.

So far, the only thing I can say is that when I feel frustrated in traffic, with my daughter, or husband I do remind myself to take a few breaths before reacting. That is a good thing, but for now, that’s the only positive I take from it. I do like doing it though and plan on continuing.

That’s our first week. Look forward to next week’s topic, which is definitely more related to aging and how to improve yours!


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  1. Journaling is not something I do much of. Too much pressure. If I miss a day, do I have to go back? Of course not, but feels like I missed something.

    Meditation is an aspiration. When I try it my mind wanders, and the point is that I should clear my mind! But haven’t given up.

    1. It’s great that you are trying. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t give up on yourself – you’re worth it!

  2. I love to watch TED talks, too. The one you listed by Jane Fonda is one of my favorites. Sometimes when the evening news on TV gets too discouraging, I switch over to a TED talk instead.

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