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Aging Challenge – Here’s the Recap!

Aging Challenge

A while ago, I started a new feature on this site called The Aging Challenge (cue exciting music).

The point of this site is to open your mind to the possibility of aging longer in a more happy and healthy way. The main way to do that is to show you interesting research on the topic with proven (as much as possible) results. You can see all of that data by clicking here.

However, sometimes (in fact, most times) that isn’t enough. In an effort to bring these ideas closer to home and to give you some solid footing on what you can do right now to increase your tomorrows and make them happy and healthy tomorrows, I’m starting a new feature…

People want to know exactly how to translate that research into specific things they can do every day to improve their aging.

Bring in…The Aging Challenge!

You can check out all the past weeks here.

In the first week, we discussed journaling. The second week, we discussed living your truth. And, the third week, we discussed what you are really (and I mean really) grateful for.

If you haven’t already, check out those links and complete those exercises. In the next installment of this series, we’ll be taking on something new…what’s holding you back! Get ready!!











2013 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting by Anthony Quintano is licensed under CC By AgingExpectations.





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