Aging Expectations


Imagine yourself at 100 years-old. What do you see? Are you vibrant, walking straight without any assistance; still exercising and eating healthily; going up and down stairs with aplomb; remembering things from your past and where you left your keys?

Many don’t believe this is possible.

What if it was?

Given the choice of being an active, contributing 100-year-old or an inactive, non-responsive 75-year-old, most people would choose the healthy contributor – I certainly would.

Not only would I like to be that active 100-year-old, I’d like all 100-year-olds (those younger and even older) to be so spry! Of course, there are medical routes to making this happen and there are some amazing doctors throughout the world working to facilitate this.

However, isn’t there more to science than just how the body performs or the medicines we use to make the body perform?

What about the mind?

It is my belief that the mind plays a large part in how people view themselves as older adults. We need to understand this from a research perspective and help people address their thinking accordingly.

This improved way of thinking may be achieved through another self-help book or life coach but I believe…

if these changes are grounded in actual psychological research, the chances of success are far greater.

To that end, I reenrolled in college and obtained my degree in psychology. I have assisted with psychology research and although this research is not directly related to aging, it does ground me in research methods and outcomes. Next year, I intend to attend graduate school and pursue a thesis germane to aging.

On the way to pursuing these goals, I want to begin to spread the message through this blog. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your feedback.

Please let me know your aging perspectives!

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