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A Girl’s Tea Party

franklin squareLeah doesn’t have many first cousins, four to be exact. I’m an only child so that severely limits the opportunity for a big bunch of cousins running around having fun.

Another limiting factor is those four cousins live on the West Coast. We live on the East Coast. I guess they could get farther away but not by much.

I feel a little sad about this because I remember growing up with my cousins. We’d see each other almost every week and on every holiday.

As an only child, they were my honorary brothers and sisters. I felt like I belonged to a special group of cool kids (most of them were older).

Here’s a little good news for Leah…


We do live close to some of her second cousins. Three of the four of these cousins are girls. The bad part is they are all college-aged kids (young adults). The good part is Leah adores them and they love her (meaning there is no fighting over whose turn it is to play with the good Barbie).

I wanted to do something special. Something all four girls would enjoy. Something that could bring them closer and be memorable…maybe even a tradition.

Bring on the tea party!

Leah was so excited. She helped me pick out the evite. She helped me plan the food and decorations. She couldn’t wait for the big day.

We served cookies, mini-cupcakes, and fruit. We didn’t actually serve tea because Leah doesn’t like tea (yet). We served water and lemonade. We used linens and the good china. And we had some flowers.

We also made a little gift for them of nail polish, remover, files, and cotton balls.


tea party

When the older girls arrived, I left them alone. I thought it would be sweet if I wasn’t there directing the party (as I might do).

tea party

Of course, I did keep my ear open from the other room. Of course, Leah didn’t mind her manners the whole time. I knew because the conversation at one point turned to picking your nose, which could only mean Leah was picking her nose.

Luckily, there was lots of laughing and that’s the point, right?

All in all though, it was adorable. I’m so glad we did it and I’m hoping to make it an annual tradition.


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  1. Ah what a lovely post. Think I’m a bit emotional this evening as it brought a tear to my eye! 😉 What a lovely idea and I’m glad your daughter had a fabulous time!

    Over from sharefest.


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