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8 Tips for Dutch Wonderland

dwDutch Wonderland is a family amusement park. It’s in Lancaster, PA. That’s right, Amish country.

On the way, we did see some horse-drawn buggies but we didn’t see anyone Breaking Amish or any of the Amish Mafia. Unlike those things, Dutch Wonderland is…


Imagine walking up to a huge castle with its own moat. For a princess lover, like Leah, it was…

dutch wonderland


The park has rides just Leah’s size. Some I thought possibly too big for her but she tried them. And was so proud of herself when she did them, it was…



If you are making a trip there, here are some tips:

1. If you go during peak times, consider purchasing two days. At off-peak, you can get to everything easily in one day.

2. Don’t waste your $10 on the upgraded parking. It’s not that far to walk, even if you forget something and have to go back to the car.

3. Be careful of the huge gift shop on your way in — and be prepared — it’s the same way to leave.

4. Consider going outside the park for lunch. There are a lot of reasonable places close to the park.

5. Don’t miss the water show. We saw the Frog Prince and it was fantastic.

6. Skip the monorail ride. It’s a long line, a slow-moving ride, very hot, and hard for the little ones to even see out the windows.

7. Bring in your own water and snacks.

8. If you’re doing the water park area, go early and hit that first. The water might be chillier but it’s less crowded.


There you have it, eight tips to make your time at Dutch Wonderland, wonder-ful!

Have you been?
Did you hate the monorail too?


If you’re looking for another great kid’s amusement park, check out Storybook Land too.

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dutch wonderland


  1. You mention to bring in snacks, but I thought I read that no food was allowed. Do they allow snacks, but not lunches or do they not check bags?

    1. Although we ate lunch out of the park, we definitely brought snacks into the park. I think they also have a picnic area right outside the park (still on property) if you wanted to bring a full lunch. You can come and go as you please so it’s not a problem.

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