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5 Tips for a Fun Summer (with kids)

Originally posted July 2010 (in part)

Although summer isn’t officially here…let the planning begin.

My summer bucket list is complete (I’ll be sharing it next week). I am CERTAIN I won’t complete it (how’s that for positive thinking) but I like to think big!

I’ve preplanned summers in the past and things have gone well. They’ve also gone terribly wrong.

Based on all that experience, here are my five tips to a fun summer with your kids.


New is good:  Don’t be afraid to try something new (even if it means getting up at an ungodly hour).  Your kids might balk at first but don’t back down, they’ll appreciate it in the end.


Fun is better:  Find ways to infuse fun into the event.  Think of ideas ahead of time to make a possible “boring” event into something they’ll love.


Create the future:  Look to create new traditions, things kids will remember fondly as they grow older.  For example, we usually go see the fireworks at our local high school on July 4.  It’s not that big of a deal (although the show is spectacular, really- the best I’ve seen), it’s a quick walk from our house with a few chairs scattered on the football field, and then the fireworks.  However, this year my son did a whole school project on our tradition of going to the fireworks, how he loves it, and how much it means to him.  Don’t underestimate the power of traditions, even the small ones.


 Ask, listen, and talk:  Take opportunities, like driving to activities, to talk with them.  Ask them questions and listen to the answers.  It’s the perfect time to understand the way they think and let them understand how you think.


Plan well but don’t dwell:  Plan things you all will enjoy.  If you’re having fun, they are having fun.  The most important thing…keep your expectations in check.  If things don’t go as planned, it’s okay.  It may be even more fun, you never know unless you let your guard down and go with it.


What are your tips? Any? I can always use more help!

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