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5 Secrets of Atlantis

We were lucky enough to visit Atlantis two times this year. It is a beautiful place.

You must know Atlantis, right? Commercials air for this resort on an hourly basis. Possibly by the minute. They are good commercials. How could you not want to go?

  • Huge resort.atlantis
  • Amazing water park.
  • Multiple aquariums.
  • Swimming with dolphins.
  • Casino gambling.

 The list goes on and on…

I don’t need to tell you those things. You see those on TV. What you need to know are the secrets of Atlantis…

atlantis secrets1. People 
The people are super friendly. There are plenty of people working there and they are so helpful.

Always willing to give advice or directions (the place is huge)…and possibly some emotional support if, let’s say, you start chickening out at the top of a water slide.

Which brings me to the next secret…

atlantis secrets

2. Water slides.
Please cross your arms and legs on the water slides. Yes, there are signs to alert you to the proper slide method. However, when you are falling down a gigantic mountain half-naked, you tend to forget that small sign you saw while climbing 300 stories to get to the top of said mountain.

I’m warning you though CROSS everything you have!

Two main reasons:

Safety. You WILL end up with bruises and bumps. That hurt. Trust.

Dignity. They take pictures of you going down those slides and you do not want your image to be the one of someone “sliding” with their arms and legs out wide. As if they are trying to stop themselves from going any further down the slide. Trust me, not pretty.

3. Outside restaurants
If you decide to eat lunch at one of the outside restaurants, which you probably will, don’t go when you are starving. There is usually a wait.

You don’t want a bunch of starving kids whining about how long it’s taking.

Also, pick an eating location where there is a breeze. It might only be a few tables away but it is worth it.

There are many flies and without a breeze it is impossible to eat your lunch. I’m serious…swarming attack flies.

atlantis secrets

4. Babysitting
While we were there, we had the opportunity to see a show but it was too late for Leah. We decided to hire a babysitter through the hotel.

To say I was nervous is an understatement.

All the reviews I read were great. Unfortunately, the last review I read was from someone who hadn’t used the service but said, “…probably good, if you’re willing to trust your child to a stranger in a foreign country.”

Well, thanks…jerk. I WAS starting to feel okay but when you put it like that!

We did it anyway and I’m so glad. The babysitter came on time, was extremely nice, sweet to Leah and gave very detailed notes when we returned. Leah was asleep and when she woke up, she picked Kay as her favorite babysitter.

Success. Keep in mind, it’s seriously expensive but you get what you pay for…

atlantis secrets

5. The pools
The pools are great. There are so many of them. There is really something for everyone. Unfortunately, when we returned, Leah got a terrible case of swimmer’s ear. I’ve never had swimmer’s ear but it was extremely painful for her.

I was mentioning this to someone at home. She said the same thing happened to her daughter! Now, that’s only two cases but I’m begging you to be careful.

Make sure all ears are water free after swimming or wear those ear plugs while swimming. You do not want to go through a painful case of swimmer’s ear, especially if it hits before your plane ride home!


Do you have any secrets of Atlantis?

Fill us in!


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