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5 Non-Eating Date Night Ideas

date nightAs I continue to try and be more healthy, I am on the lookout for fun date night ideas that don’t revolve around food.

This is difficult.

I love food. I love going out to eat. I was born to go out and eat. I’m not kidding. I grew up with my mother (who worked a lot) and my grandparents (my uncle was there too but decided to venture out on his own when I was in 5th grade…the nerve).

Guess who liked to go out and eat? My grandmother.

Guess who had the time and money to go out and eat? My grandmother.

Guess who was her constant companion on these eating excursions? ME! Yeah, sometimes other people came along but it was mostly ME.

So, as you can imagine one who is born and breed to go out may have difficulty in finding other things to do that are considered fun.

Here are some of my most recent attempts…

1. Rock Climbing
We went indoor rock climbing. We listened to the introduction and rules. Then we practiced with the guide. Then he set us off on our on! He was very trusting.

This is a great date night activity. You have to trust each other to belay you without slamming you into the rock wall. It’s not too strenuous and quite exhilarating when you reach to the top.


2. Bowling
Again, not to strenuous. This is a good one because although you don’t have to eat, you can still get drinks. Hey, I’m starting slow. It’s fun to try and improve as you play. It’s horrible if you stink though and keep throwing gutter balls. Also, go before you get a manicure or else things could get dicey.


3. Painting
Okay, we haven’t tried this yet but I have the Groupon (ssh, don’t tell my husband). Here’s the deal, you go to a bar (yay, drinks!) and learn to paint a picture. There are other people in the class and the picture is already decided for you. Doesn’t that seem cool. Of course, you both get to keep the picture. I mean, who says the basement doesn’t need artwork too?


4. Art Museum
We live close to Philly so we have an abundance of museums to try. We visited The Barnes. We had a wonderful time. The negative is you are listening to the overviews of the art and it’s pretty quiet in there so it’s tough to discuss things. However, laughing about certain ones is fun. And, at the end of our date, we each picked our favorite piece. Guess what? We picked the same one! It’s true love.



5. Ghost Tours
These are cropping up all over. This is one we haven’t done yet, but I’m thinking would be totally fun. Imagine getting all creeped out and scared and holding onto each other. It might even be surprising…you may be more brave than your spouse/date. Be careful though, you may wind up having to check out all those late night scary noises.


What are your thoughts?
Any ideas for non-eating date nights?
I can always use more! 

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