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5 Cities to Visit

Amna is bringing us today’s post. As a London-based freelance writer who travels the world, she is a great contributor here at Happy Family Travels. You might not be surprised to learn, Amna enjoys International cuisine, art and culture.

So, here’s Amna!


Every summer I consider visiting cities that offer a variety of attractions and entertainment. While not all of them are coastal cities, I make the most of every city I visit – especially these five cities that have a good mix of urban appeal, history and a unique food culture.



Amsterdam/The Canal Ring by Lies

1. Amsterdam

Popular sights include the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, and the maze of canals that is accented by several bridges. Once you glide through the canals, you can rent a bike and ride around the city like a local.

Enjoy authentic Dutch food like herring, which is best enjoyed between May and July at any fish stall or places like Stubbe’s Haring near Central Station.

Indonesian food and sweeter items like pancakes and waffles are also a popular indulgence available on street carts. And who can forget the most common street food, Vlaamse frites? These French fries are served with a variety of sauces in a paper cone with a little plastic fork.

The street art scene, the flea markets and the secret garden are also ways of discovering the multi-ethnic spirit of Amsterdam. The Go Gallery and the Noordermarkt and Waterlooplein bazaars are worth visiting.


2. Moscow

Best known for its nightlife, Moscow is one of the most entertaining cities I’ve visited. With upscale shopping districts, restaurants, specialty cafés and art galleries, Moscow attracts tourists from all over the world.

During the summer you can find London to Moscow flights here and book a few nights in a hotel in or near the city centre. It’s best to stay in a central location to save on travel time so you can walk around the various squares at your own leisure.

During July, you can go to the Afisha Picnic Music Festival, the Moscow Garden Flower Show and watch the Formula One race near the Kremlin.


BeaverTails Nutella by Snowpea

3. Montreal

Experience French culture in Montreal by walking around Old City, the narrow cobblestone lanes lined with boutiques, see the replica of the Notre Dame Basilica, walk along the Promenade to the Plains of Abraham and take the metro instead of a cab.

Enjoy beavertails – flattened fried dough coated in sugar with toppings like Hershey’s Skor, cinnamon and nutella. Stop at a deli to buy Montreal smoked meat and bagels, or order Croque-Monsieur or Croque-Madame.

You can enjoy the traditional poutine, French fries topped with a flavourful gravy and melted cheese and grab a fresh orange smoothie from Orange Julep.


4. San Francisco

With a great coffee culture, art culture and colourful architecture along the Pacific Bay, San Francisco is the perfect summer destination with eye-openers including The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

Fisherman’s Wharf is famous for serving up fried delights like fish’n’chips, shrimp and the local favourite, clam chowder. Why not drive down the famous Crooked Street, go shopping in Union Square, dine in downtown San Francisco and visit Ghirardelli Square for chocolate samples?

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View of Greenwich and Canary Wharf by Dimitry B.

5. London

In transit? Why not visit London for a few days to get a taste of true British culture? Enjoy an authentic Fish’n’chips pub lunch, visit the upscale shopping districts including Knightsbridge and Oxford Street, or take a river cruise down the Thames to Greenwich, where you can climb up the hill to visit the world’s Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory.

Take the Thames Clipper back to Southbank and take a ride on the London Eye and walk up to the Southbank Centre to see what’s on – they always host concerts, festivals and art exhibitions all year round. Visit a teahouse such as Fortnum and Mason for an English high tea with delicious scones and biscuits.

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Thanks for another great article, Amna!



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