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4 Family Friendly Antigua Resorts

Today, I’m happy to bring you a guest post from Robert Stokes. He’s a full-time travel consultant working with a leading UK tour operator who regularly shares his musings and experiences with the world online. He lives in Sheffield and has an undying passion for Antigua holidays, adventure holidays in Mauritius and various other exotic pursuits.

Robert shares his top four family friendly resorts in Antigua. Beautiful!

Travelling with young children is always something of a challenge, but is of course all part of the fun of family life too. When thinking of family holidays, chances are that for most it is the usual close-to-home haunts that seem to pack the most appeal and the various other native stomping grounds of families.

Conversely, the idea of Antigua holidays or perhaps the most exclusive holidays in Mauritius really don’t come into question, as exotic can seem a little unnerving which doesn’t add up to the ideal package for those with kids.

However, taking Antigua as a prime example, the island is literally exploding with superbly family friendly resorts and destinations – it’s just a case of making sure you pick the right one for you and yours! So, if thinking of taking the whole family further afield this year and really milking the most out of every minute, give the following top-five a look at and chance are you’ll find every box ticked in spades:


Blue Waters

One of the most highly reputed family friendly resorts on the island, Blue Waters goes far beyond the usual staples to deliver the complete and total package. There is an activity centre on offer for kids each and every day supervised by professional staff and includes various activities like swimming, boat racing and various indoor activities for the rare occasions that the weather outside isn’t glorious. Feedback is as good as it gets and peace of mind comes as standard.

Blue Waters


Curtain Bluff

Not only is Curtain Bluff right up there with the best of them in terms of amenities for the family, but it is also one of the most staggeringly beautiful locations on the island as a whole. While there isn’t a specific club or camp organised like the above entry, it really doesn’t matter as Curtain Bluff as a whole is one of the safest and most activity-filled resorts in all of Antigua. It’s also a hot-spot for families so you can pretty much guarantee there will be other parents around to take tips and advice from, along with kids to distract and entertain your little terrors.

Carlisle Bay


Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay is famous for not only being one of the most accommodating resorts on the island for families, but also one of the most affordable by far. There is a weekly program of activities for kids which is constantly changing – parents are given the timetable upon arrival and can sign their kids up for as many or as few as they desire. Kids are also lavished with their own welcome package which includes various games and even a robe. On and off-beach activities stretch into the dozens and incorporate everything you can think of and plenty of exciting games you’ve yet to discover. The kids’ buffet is also second to none.

Curtain Bluff


Halcyon Cove

Halcyon Cove specialises in catering for kids between four and 12 years of age, offering a host of activities where parents can either get involved or enjoy a little R&R free from their responsibilities. Babysitting can also be organized at 24-hour’s notice for those looking to take an extended break.

Halcyon Cove


Thanks, Robert. Although we haven’t been to Antigua yet, it sounds fantastic. Based the descriptions, Carlisle Bay sounds like the best fit for my family. I love the flexibility and kids get a free robe…oh boy, my kids would love that!



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