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24 Hours in Phoenix

DSC03944 On our way to San Diego, we made a quick pit stop in Phoenix. My husband had business there so we made the trip with him.

After quite a few trips there, we’ve crossed most of the hot spots off our list (although, I guess in Phoenix all the spots are hot). You can check out those trip overviews here, here, here, herehere, and here – told ya’ we’ve visited a lot.

Since we only had a limited time there for this trip, we decided to take it easy…


The First 12 Hours

We arrived in the afternoon, dropped my husband at the office, and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Residence Inn, Tempe. I love Residence Inn because you get free breakfast. It’s so nice when you have a family to not have to worry about at least one meal when you’re on vacation.

It was clean and the staff very friendly. You do have to go outside to get to your room, which I don’t love but it was only one night.


Also, it’s right across from the Arizona Mills Mall. We drove right there after checking in and went to the movies! We saw Monster’s University and we all loved it.

When we left the movie theater, my daughter immediately spotted the merry-go-round. A ride ensued. However, this was a big moment. We realized that Leah is now able to ride a MGR without me there! Although I did stand there (this time), I didn’t even come close to her and she got on and off by herself.

We picked up my husband and had dinner at with some of his associates.


The Last 12 Hours

The next morning, we enjoyed our free breakfast, took my husband to work, and took a dip in the pool.


We then drove back to the mall and went to the Rain Forest Cafe for lunch. Leah loved it! And, I have to admit, I loved it too. The food is fine, it’s on the expensive side but it’s so much fun! I mean they have a thunder-storm inside!!

rain forest


rain forest


rain forest

We then went to the Sea Life Aquarium, which is also IN THE MALL! It is small but we really enjoyed it. I would recommend it.

Be sure to grab a question card and answer the questions as you go through. The kids get a small prize at the end but it’s fun to do throughout your visit.

sea life


sea life


sea life

We walked around the mall a bit and then left to pick up my husband and back to the airport!

It wasn’t a long time in Phoenix but we enjoyed it and were able to stay cool!



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