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2014 Writing Goals

writing goalsThis post is hard for me.

Putting my goals out there.

It’s one thing for me to make a list of goals, tuck them away, and secretly wallow in my disappointment if they don’t happen.

If on a positive note, I do accomplish something from that list, I’m sure you’ll hear me shouting it from the tallest mountain.

It’s a whole different game if I tell you my goals.


If you know,…accountable.

Ah, that ugly word, “accountable.” So much responsibility associated with it. So much pressure. So much possibility of failure.

Since I’ve started blogging again after my six-month break, I decided to take more risks. I decided to blog about what I think is important…not so much about what I think you think is important.

So, I’m diving in head first and telling you and the world (i.e. the tiny amount of people who actually read this blog) my writing goals.

1. Complete my second novel by the end of the year.

2. Produce interesting blog posts three times per week.

3. Craft an excellent query letter that puts me in a successful relationship with a literary agent.

That’s it. Just three.

Of course, there are tons of tiny sub-goals within each one of those but let’s not get crazy. See #2, I still want to keep the posts somewhat interesting.

How about you? Any goals you’d like to share?


PS: That picture has nothing to do with my writing goals, I just thought it was fun!





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