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2013 Summer Bucket List

Last week, I shared 5 tips to planning a great summer with your kids.

Today, I’m sharing Summer Bucket List. All the things I want to do with my family this summer

Side note: This is just the plan. I am in no-way guaranteeing we will do all these things (or any of them!).

  1. Ice cream party Completed!
  2. Visit the Cape May Zoo (this zoo only requests a donation…you may remember it from here)
  3. Learn about the Eiffel Tower (it’s not all fun and games!)
  4. Visit Philadelphia Completed! Read about it here…
  5. See a live performance of Pinnochio Completed!
  6. Visit Storybook Land
  7. Watch a beach sunrise
  8. Go for a family bike ride (multiple times)
  9. Pick strawberries and/or blueberries
  10. Bubble blowing fun
  11. Pick a state to research and plan a trip to visit (we’ll do this one multiple times too)
  12. Decorate water bottles (want to promote drinking water – mainly, me)
  13. Scrapbook all our fun (to be done throughout the summer, capturing all the memories)
  14. Visit Betsy Ross house  Completed! Read about it here…
  15. Go camping in the backyard
  16. Catch (and release) fireflies
  17. Visit a carnival
  18. Visit AdventureAquarium
  19. Visit the Philadelphia Zoo Completed! Click here to read it!
  20. Visit the Please Touch Museum
  21. Create chalkboard message boards
  22. Have a Bar-b-Que
  23. See fireworks
  24. Visit Doylestown Park and have lunch with a good friend (who lives nearby)
  25. Go on a town walk
  26. Go mini golfing
  27. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  28. Create an acts of kindness list and complete it
  29. Have a beach day
  30. Go on a picnic
  31. Go on a hike
  32. Paint on real canvas and hang up our works
  33. Have a water ballon fight
  34. Make glowstick laterns
  35. Visit Dutch Wonderland
  36. Go on a boat ride
  37. Do a light house tour
  38. Create our own puppets and have a puppet show
  39. Go bug collecting (and release)
  40. Hold a tea party with Leah’s cousins
  41. Visit the Delaware Zoo
  42. Go rock collecting and paint them
  43. Make funnel cake
  44. Build a fairy house
  45. Plan and have a birthday party for Leah (ugh!)
  46. Make elaborate sidewalk chalk drawings
  47. Make artwork placemats
  48. Learn about the Tower of Pisa (Leah is fascinated with it)
  49. Go on a scavenger hunt
  50. Conduct our 2nd annual sandwich contest (believe it or not, Leah won last year with a macaroni and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel)
  51. Make homemade pretzels
  52. Create story book with pictures
  53. Play a championship game of kick ball
  54. Learn about the pyramids
  55. Conduct our first annual backyard olympics
  56. Conduct our first annual dessert contest
  57. Go to a movie
  58. Volunteer at a charity
  59. Have Opposite Day
  60. Make paper lanterns
  61. Go bowling
  62. Take photos of Leah’s toy and create a scrapbook
  63. Visit Great Adventure
  64. Visit Franklin Institute
  65. Visit the Natural History Museum
  66. Paint with frozen food coloring
  67. Visit the San Diego Zoo
  68. Visit Legoland
  69. Visit SeaWorld (have you guessed, we have a trip to San Diego planned?)
  70. Send letters to our family and friends
  71. Toy freeze (I freeze a toy of Leah’s and she has to get it out of the frozen block of ice)
  72. Sunset at the beach
  73. Visit Lucy the Elephant
  74. Paint birdhouse
  75. Get ready for school


Okay!! That’s all of it…what do you think?

Ridiculous, right? I know. But listen, as I tell my husband, if I know it’s crazy then I’m not actually crazy. It’s when I don’t realize something is crazy…then, you’ll have to send me away. Am I right?

What are you planning this summer?



  1. Hi Ronnie!
    I loved discovering your site on Twitter yesterday! Your summer bucket list got me really thinking. This will be my first summer with a toddler and I’m hoping to do as many things as possible. The reason I started my tumblr was to quantify the things we actually do (instead of just talking about what we want to do). I’ve been trying to get my friends to form a group and share ideas and inspire to do activities with kids but most are afraid to distrupt the kids planned schedule. So I’m looking to you for the summer bucket list updates!!!! Thanks for inspiring new moms like me!

    1. So awesome! Thank you 🙂

      I’m sorry the group hasn’t formed…it is such a fantastic idea!!!

      I’ll look forward to updating you with the activities we do!

  2. WOW! That is quite the list!! A lot of zoo visits too! I love the “make homemade pretzels”…I’ve always wanted to try that too!

  3. Great list. I love lists. I have a to-do list for the Summer weekends & I’m working on a 100 days of Summer list for my daughter & I to do when she gets out of school. Stopping by from Saturday Sharefest.

  4. What a fun list! You have inspired me to make a list of our own. All too often we get to a free day and my hubby and I look at each other and say, “What should we do?!” All our great ideas go right out the window. If we had it on paper, we’d have a much more fun, “productive” summer. Great idea.

    And how does the frozen food coloring painting work? Do you basically color with it? Sounds intriguing!
    Rebecca Fraser-Thill recently posted…Why Milestone Birthdays Disappoint – And How to Get Over ItMy Profile

  5. Holy moly! That is some list! I love the idea of a summer bucket list! By the way, I used to live in Dover, Delaware (my youngest was born there). Do you live near DE? The beaches there are beautiful! I remember taking my kids and seeing dolphins swimming along the shore. I want to go back–maybe next summer–so I can show them part of where they grew up. I also did my first 5k in Delaware. Happy SITS day! Congratulations on being their featured blogger!
    Nicole Nenninger recently posted…Are You Having Fun Yet?My Profile

    1. We live about 90 minutes from Dover. That would be so nice to show them where you lived, especially when you have such great memories! Where are you now?

  6. I love your summer bucket list. 8 years ago we spent 3 weeks in Cherry Hill, NJ while my husband took a class at McGuire AFB. Our boys and I (they were 4 & 6 at the time) did many of the items on your list – we had a great time playing tourist!!
    Kim recently posted…Unique ExercisesMy Profile

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