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10 Tips for Your Trip to Legoland

legolandOne of the most fun things we did on our trip to San Diego was visit Legoland.

I am so grateful to Mary at The World Is A Book. I thought my 15 year-old would have a terrible time. But she had positive experiences with younger and older kids, so I went with her advice. Thank goodness.

We all loved it!

Here are my suggestions for making your time there even better…

1. Pay the extra for 2 days at the park (if your timing and budget allow it). You won’t have to rush through to see things or get anxious waiting in line for rides. It really takes a lot of stress out of the day.

2. Skip the water park. One great thing about this area of California is the weather. It’s always a sunny, 75 degree day. Perfect. Not so perfect for swimming and water slides. I was freezing.


3. Go early. No shock here, right? The earlier you go, the less crowded.

4. Stay at the Sheraton. The Sheraton has its own entrance. A different one from the main entrance that everyone else uses. It’s at the back of the park so you can skip a bunch of the crowds (assuming you follow #3).

5. Sit up front at shows. The shows are really fun. If you’re sitting up front, your kids have a better chance to participate, which is an awesome experience. However, if your kids are shy, reverse this advice and sit in back 🙂


6. Be ready to wait in line. There were tons of lines, some an hour or more wait. I wasn’t expecting that. You can consider the Premium Play Pass. It includes quite a few things and front of the line privileges is one of them. It seems a bit pricey though ($150).

7. Skip the aquarium. The aquarium is cute. You know what cute means…small. It’s also tough to switch modes. You’ve been going on crazy rides, watching fun shows and looking at cool Lego creations…all outside. Now, you’re in a dark place watching fish swim. Go to a bigger aquarium on a different day.

8. Have your kids ride Volvo Driving School. This is such a cool ride for the little kids. They actually drive. It’s not like bumper cars, it’s like driving. It’s totally adorable. And, when it’s over, they get a little, paper license.


9. Expect Star Wars fans to go nuts. Legoland is a Star Wars fan’s dream. Enjoy!

10. Be prepared to get wet on the Pirate Reef Ride and Splash Battle Ride. The trick of the Splash Battle Ride is the water squirters on the side of the ride. Onlookers can aim and completely soak you before  you even realize what’s happening.

Bonus Tip: They have family dryers if you do get wet. They are huge air dryers the whole family steps in and hot air blows you dry (in theory). If you are expecting to get dry…don’t waste your money ($5). But, it is a funny experience, so you might want to give it a try anyway.



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